The Best Online Home Based Business Opportunity With Low Startup Cost


Online Home Based Business Opportunity

If you are looking for an online business opportunity with very low-startup cost, this is your lucky day.

Many people dream of starting their own business and quitting their regular (boring) 9 – 5 jobs, but they just don’t know where to start or what to do.

Also, many people would like to earn second income and extra money outside of their regular jobs to have more satisfaction, security and happiness in general.

The good news is that you can do both ONLINE.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

3.75 BILLION of people surf on the Internet every single day. This is your audience.

You probably surf every day on the Internet too, chatting on social networks, reading the news, watching videos, searching for the information about some product or service etc.

But have you ever thought that you can create online business and start earning money on the INTERNET?

I can bet you did not.

You can create lucrative online business without any prior knowledge or experience.

Everything is possible with proper training, education, guidance, the right community and the most important thing – LEGIT PROGRAM.

Before I reveal the business model and my No.1 Recommended program which helps me to earn extra money on the Internet, there is a word of caution…

You need to learn how to recognize Internet scams and false programs

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

It is absolutely possible to earn REAL and consistent money on the Internet.

However, when it comes to online business opportunities or making money online, Internet is like a huge minefield. You need to learn how to avoid scams in order to become successful.

Scammers are lurking around every corner, there are tons of fake programs which claim that you can earn ‘FAST’ money without any work or effort.

There are many types of online scams.

‘Get-rich-quick schemes’ (also known as Easy money making scams) are the most common and widespread type of scam.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

If something sounds too good to be true, than it probably is.

When some program promises that you can earn large sum of money in the very short time without any work, you know something is not right here.

I am sure you have heard all the sales pitches of the ‘Get rich quick’ schemes. This type of scam is the most popular!

They will put pictures of yachts, sports cars and swimming pools on their website.

They will claim that you can become rich in a very short time without any work or effort.

They will claim that you can earn money with ‘Magical money making software’ or ‘Secret formulas’ nobody else knows about.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Scammers know how to push psychological triggers to deceive people. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

Everyone (including me) would like to make ‘FAST AND EASY’ money without having to do any work. But unfortunately, this is not real.

Do not believe in these fairy tales. The only way to become rich ‘FAST’ is to win the lottery.

Remember, it takes knowledge and education to build something worthwhile. (online or with traditional ‘Brick and mortar business’). THIS PROGRAM will give you the knowledge you need!

‘Get-rich-quick’ schemes are just one type among the sea of online scams.

I have described many types of online scams. You can read more info on my website.

Learn how to recognize Internet scams like:

PTC (paid to click) scams (MORE INFO HERE)

MLM (multi-level marketing) scams (MORE INFO HERE)

Matrix and pyramid schemes (they go hand-in-hand with MLM scams)

PayPal Phishing Email scams (MORE INFO HERE)

Social media scams (Facebook and Twitter) (MORE INFO HERE)

Many other fake programs that will blind you with lies and false promises of overnight wealth

Luckily, for all of us who hate scammers and cheaters, there is a legitimate business model and a few legitimate programs among the ocean of online scams…

Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

For those of you who have never heard of Affiliate Marketing before, I would like to explain the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing means SELLING OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCTS AND EARN COMMISSION FROM IT.

The question I get most often is ‘How do I sell other people product or service’?


By Advertising (promoting) product or service (or multiple products) on your website.

By drawing customers to manufacturer’s (or merchant’s) website or online store.

Who or what is the manufacturer or a merchant?

Manufacturer or a merchant is a company or a brand selling products or services on their official websites or online stores.

When you agree to promote their products or services, you become their AFFILIATE. Affiliate products are other people’s products you sign up to promote.

This is achieved through special, free programs, called ‘Affiliate Programs’.

The biggest and the most popular advertiser or merchant in the world with affiliate program is Amazon.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Amazon has nearly 500 000 000 products to promote. If you decide to become Amazon affiliate, you can promote nearly 500 million products within any market (niche) of your choice.

You can earn 6-10% commission for every sale you make.

It is free to join Amazon affiliate program (also known as Amazon Associates).

The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you DON’T HAVE TO OWN OR CREATE THE PRODUCT TO EARN COMMISSION.

Let me give you an example what you can expect if you become Amazon Associate.

If you decide to join Amazon Associate program, your only job as an affiliate marketer is to deliver the customers to Amazon online store, and when they purchase something, you earn handsome commission. That is it.

Amazon handles every other aspect of doing business with their customers.

Amazon handles the delivery of the products to their customers.

Amazon deals with payment processing.

Amazon deals with customer service and support.

As you can see, customer service, payment processing and shipping is Amazon’s responsibility, not yours.

SPECIAL TIP: This is valid for ALL Affiliate programs in the world. They deal with customer service, shipping, payment processing, so you don’t have to.

Amazon is just one example. Besides Amazon, some of the most popular merchants with affiliate programs and affiliate networks are EBay, CJ (Commission Junction), Clickbank, ShareAsale, Rakuten, just to name a few.

Online Home Based Business OpportunityHowever, do not tie yourself to particular affiliate program. With nearly 100 000 affiliate programs you have plenty of options.

Affiliate Marketing works in 4 steps

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Step 1: Choose an Interest / Hobby (also known as the NICHE or the MARKET)

What are you passionate about? You probably have hobby that motivates you. It can be absolutely anything, from ‘playing guitar’ to ‘gardening’, ‘fishing’ ‘camping’ ‘dog training’ or anything you can imagine.

For example, if your hobby / passion is fishing, you are probably familiar with fishing equipment, and many products that are related to fishing.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

That could be the start of your idea for your website and what your business is built off of.

When it comes to building niche websites, your website can be about anything as long as you have some knowledge or experience about the topic (in this example – FISHING) and about the products within particular market so that you can offer value to your visitors / customers.

The best definiton of a niche would be this: A niche is a narrowed down segment of a specific market which targets a specific group of people (audience).

The purpose of the niche website or landing page is to recommend products or services related to your passion or interest and receive commission from Amazon (or any other affiliate program of your choice) as an affiliate.

Let’s see what are some of the most popular niches (markets) in the world.

Self Improvement (also known as self help)

Fitness & Weight loss



Make money online (or make money on the Internet) from the comfort of your home

Tarot & astrology (including horoscopes, numerology, natal chart etc.)

Beauty & health treatments

Games (online games, computer games etc.)

Computers (Software & Technology)

Don’t worry if your interest, hobby or passion is not inside these markets.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to capitalize on any passion or hobby of yours INSIDE ANY MARKET OR NICHE whether it is gardening, painting, Lego cubes, beer crafting or learning how to play guitar, as long as you follow the training.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

With nearly 600 000 000 products you can promote as an affiliate, you can be sure there are millions of products within any niche that can bring you lucrative commission.

Also, if you are a fan of a big and popular companies within any market, you are lucky.

Almost all big and popular companies have an affiliate program. It can be individual affiliate program on their very own website, or they can be a part of affiliate network.

Majority of them have a partnership with some of the most popular affiliate networks in the world like CJ (Commission Junction), ShareAsale, Rakuten etc.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

You can join any affiliate program free and earn lucrative commission for every sale you make.

Step 2: Build a niche website to promote products – offer quality content, and product ‘reviews’ to your readers

If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to have a website. Website is the foundation of your online success.

Do not worry, if you have no experience in website building, and especially coding and programming.

Nowadays, you can build a website without knowledge of coding. Technology and website builders have evolved dramatically in the past decade.

Building a website is very easy today. With free website builder you can build a website in 1 minute or less!

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Of course, you will write your own content. You do not have to be a professional writer to write great posts and pages. Just write naturally as you would talk to your family or friends.

Also, do not be scared if you have never written an article, page or post before.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exact, step-by-step process of writing quality and helpful content to your readers.

Wealthy affiliate will also teach you how to write reviews for products or services you would like to recommend to your readers.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Your website will also be mobile-friendly which is very important!

Online Home Based Business Opportunity has more than 3000 great looking themes, and there is a theme for everyone! As a free member you can choose 12 great looking themes.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Advantages of website builder:

No technical knowledge required

No coding skills required

You can build website in less than 1 minute

You can build website in 4 simple steps

You can have 2 websites as a free member and 50 as a premium member

With more than 3000 available themes, there is a look for everyone


I think you are really going to enjoy using this free website builder.

In this video tutorial created by Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate co-founder) you will learn more about building a website with free platform in a matter of minutes.

Step 3: Attract targeted audience (or organic traffic) to your niche website

Traffic is the critical aspect of your business. Without audience, you have no business. This is a no-brainer.

When you build your niche website, your next big goal is to attract targeted audience to your niche website.

Screenshot below will show you how the process of affiliate marketing actually works!

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

There are many ways you can attract visitors (traffic) to your website.

Traffic exchange

Social media engagement

Classified ads



E-mail marketing

Buying visitors to your site (ad buys)

Organic traffic (targeted audience) – THE BEST OPTION

What is targeted audience (or organic traffic)?

Organic traffic generally refers to non-paid traffic. Organic traffic is a free traffic and type of audience that comes naturally to your website from the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

This kind of traffic comes automatically to your website so you don’t have to do anything like online advertising or promotions on the Internet.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exact, step-by-step process for the 1st page rankings in Google by doing proper keyword research, and writing articles that are built around chosen keyword (or multiple keywords).

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Your online business will receive much more exposure when you achieve first page rankings, and that means more customers, more commission and getting closer to living the life many people desire, but only few achieve – to fire your boss and live the life on your own terms.

Step 3.1: Choose an affiliate program of your choice

Once you have created your niche website, the next step is to choose and join AFFILIATE PROGRAM which sells product to earn commissions.

The biggest and most popular brand on the Internet is Amazon. They have millions of products and they cover every niche you can imagine.

However, don’t put all your focus and energy on Amazon. There are thousands of affiliate programs online with millions of products that you can promote and earn commissions from as an affiliate.

When you join an Affiliate Program, you will receive unique code or ID that will be included in promotional materials.

Promotional materials can be in many forms. The most popular marketing aid and promotional material is banner.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Visitors will click on these links from your promotional material with your unique ID, and when a customer purchases product through your link / gateway, merchants will know you were his referral, and they will pay you commission for every sale you make.

It is as simple as that.

Step 4: Earn revenue / Make sales

Once you have an audience and when you decide what affiliate program you are going to use, you are ready to generate sales.

As long as you have a great offer, helpful content about the product (or multiple products), quality (targeted) traffic, you are going to make sales.

Now, let me answer some of the most important questions about affiliate marketing.

How much money can you make?

Short answer: Only sky is the limit.

You will find affiliate marketing very useful, whether your goal is to make an extra few hundred dollars per month, or to build a monthly 5-6 figure online business empire.

Some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world earn millions of dollars per year.

However, they did not achieve this income overnight. It took them a lot of work and dedication to achieve this.

This brings me to the next question…

How long will it take to earn your first commission?

Of course, I can’t answer this question, because I can’t predict when you are going to make your first sale. I cannot give you any promise.

It depends how much time you will put into completing the training within Wealthy Affiliate training academy.

Some realistic expectation would be to make your first few sales within 3-4 months, and you can earn 3-4 figure income (few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per month) in 1-2 years.

I know this may sound like a lot of time (and it maybe is), but affiliate marketing is not ‘Get-rich-quick’ scheme and results may not be typical or expected for every individual.

Your website first needs to mature and gain trust from Google in order to achieve 1st page rankings. It takes time.

When you achieve 1st page rankings, number of people who visit your site will dramatically increase, and of course, your sales potential will be much bigger.

Let’s see some testimonials from satisfied Wealthy Affiliate members…

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing and why you should start your Internet Affiliate marketing business?

  1. Very Low startup cost, compared to other online business models (and especially physical ‘brick-and-mortar’ type of business). It takes small amount of money to get started.

  2. With Affiliate Marketing you can generate a job replacing income

  3. Possibility to earn big money (thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per month)

  4. Promote products that you love and feel good about, it simply doesn’t get better than this!

  5. Niche websites that you create can bring you income for years and years!

  6. Your websites will do the selling and work for you 24/7

  7. As an affiliate marketer you’re earning a commission for selling someone else’s product or service. You don’t have to deal with product shipping, packing of the product and customer support. It is taken care of by the merchant! Your only job is to send the traffic to the company website

  8. EVERY product you can imagine has an affiliate program

  9. You have an audience of nearly 4 billion people who surf on the Internet every single day!

  10. You can work from anywhere with internet access. you can be located and run your business from anywhere in the world.

  11. Last year alone, the affiliate marketing industry generated over $3.4 billon in sales.

  12. Merchants need affiliates more than ever, due to huge growth of E-commerce.


Who is Affiliate Marketing for and who can earn money with Affiliate Marketing?

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Affiliate Marketing is for everyone as long as you are willing to put work and effort to grow your Internet Affiliate Marketing business.

Let’s see who can become an Affiliate Marketer…

  • aspiring entrepreneurs

  • newbies with no experience online, intermediate Internet marketers, people that are already successful online

  • affiliate/internet marketers, affiliate programs/networks

  • local companies/business, local marketers

  • online merchants (E-commerce associates or ECAs)

  • people that are retired

  • students/volunteers

  • people looking for a new job (or do not like their job)

  • people wanting to quit their 9-5 jobs to have the freedom they’ve always dreamed

  • anyone looking to make an extra income on the side

  • people who want to start website business

  • people who are interested to build websites

  • anyone looking to make more money

  • anyone looking for a hobby

  • people looking to sell their products online

  • people that are bored

  • stay at home moms or dads


If you want to become SUCCESSFUL affiliate marketer, you need to have correct mindset and attitude.

You know how the old saying goes:

‘Everything that is worth having will not come easy’.

Here are 2 things that you must implement in order to become successful with Affiliate Marketing.

  • PATIENCE (You need to eliminate “Get-rich-quick” mentality if you want to become successful). This is not a lottery!

  • CONSISTENCY (You need to treat your home based business seriously. This means that you must work on your Affiliate Marketing business every day, at least 1-3 hours daily)

Do not have unrealistic money expectations, at least in the beginning.

You have probably seen many advertisements, promotions and ‘business opportunities’ that promise earnings of $5-10 000 in 3 weeks time by following ‘secret system’, ‘money making software’ or ‘software that generates money’.

This is a lie. The only thing this schemes will generate is the hole in your wallet.

With Affiliate Marketing, you will not see big money within the first couple of weeks or even months. But if you persist, you’re going to see the results beyond your wildest dreams!


I know I have already mentioned this program a couple of times in this article 🙂 ! But trust me, it is worth it!

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing training platform that will teach you to capitalize and make a profit on any interest, passion or hobby that you have.

Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommended program to get started with your affiliate marketing business.

It is free to get started and you don’t have to enter your credit card information. Here are membership options…

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to start online business, and it is free to get started

  2. Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help an ordinary people like you and me to succeed online

  3. Wealthy Affiliate focuses it’s training for newbies and complete beginners in the online world.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best communities online. There is support available 24/7.

  5. Wealthy Affiliate is not some ponzi or ‘Get-rich-quick’ scheme

  6. Wealthy Affiliate gives you an opportunity to earn money even as a starter member (read my post Wealthy Affiliate for beginners)

  7. Wealthy affiliate has much lower membership fee compared to other affiliate marketing platforms. It gets even better if you decide to upgrade your membership in the first 7 days, because you will pay only $19 for your first month ($49 afterwards).

  8. No upsells, no additional costs. When you decide to become Premium member, they will not charge you any additional costs (except domain cost which is only $13.99/year) and your premium membership will cover 100% of the training

  9. The amount of free material WA puts to new members is great. WA offers 20 free lessons for starter members (10 lessons in the first phase within WA Affiliate bootcamp, and 10 lessons in the first phase within WA Certification course). Video tutorials are included

  10. They have Site Content, the ultimate writing platform (for starter and premium members) with grammar and spelling checks

  11. Opportunity to create 50 niche websites. Each website can bring you thousands of dollars in commission OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

  12. They will monitor your websites 24/7. With several layers of security, they will prevent hacking or spam before they occur


Wealthy Affiliate was launched in 2005. Their creators, Kyle and Carson are two trustworthy individuals, and they are very respected in the world of affiliate marketing.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

What separates Wealthy Affiliate from other internet marketing programs like Affilorama or Clickbank University, apart from the lower price and the better training, is that you can contact the owners Kyle and Carson.

They’re very active within the community. They sincerely care about helping others become successful online.When I asked them questions related to my business I got help on time. Here is the proof…

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate is a real community of online enterpreneurs and it provides everything one needs to succeed online, including tools, tips, and training.

If you need super-fast answer, you can use LIVE CHAT to receive an answer to your question in a couple of minutes.Bear in mind that live chat is available for the first 7 days for free members.

If you want to continue to use live chat, you will have to upgrade your membership to premium! As you can see, help is around every corner inside WA platform. All you have to do is to ask the questions!

When you become WA member, KYLE AND CARSON (WA owners) WILL GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU IMMEDIATELY (and become your followers), and you can send direct private message to them if you want.

I will help you myself, in fact I will become your follower immediately when you join WA, and I will work with you if you need any assistance.

Another thing I highly recommend is to add top 200 Wealthy Affiliate ambassadors as friends and ask them questions. They are very helpful, and they are successful for a reason.

Some of them earn 5-figure profit each month. Most of them earn big 4-figure income each and every month. 

Online Home Based Business Opportunity


Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate is not some fake ‘Get-rich-quick’ scheme, or some MLM direct sales program.

If you are tired of all fake programs and ‘business opportunities’ on the Internet, I encourage you to join Wealthy Affiliate.

It is free to join, so you have nothing to lose. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free ‘test drive’, so you can have an ‘in’ what is the program about before you decide to upgrade to premium.

When you decide to upgrade your membership, you will have access to 100% of the training without any additional costs.

Many other program will try to rip you off with upsells (additional costs for various training modules even if you already upgraded your membership), and their training does not come even close to WA training.

Another thing that is very important, is that you don’t need to enter your credit card information when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Many people, including me do not like to give away credit card information and invest your money into the program you don’t know about.

Because there is a question that will always be in your mind like ‘What if I don’t like the program?’

WA owners Kyle and Carson understand that, so they give an opportunity for all new members to join WA without entering credit card information. All you have to do is to enter your real name and email address.

Is this program too good to be true?

You may think Wealthy Affiliate is too good to be true because they offer so many things at such a low cost.

Like many people, I was skeptical too when I joined WA. But it was free to join, so I decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did.

When I saw how their business model works, I decided to upgrade to premium membership and to continue working with them.

That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

The starter membership will give you a taste of how it works to see if that is something you want to invest your money into.

Wealthy Affiliate is the community with +800 000 members and you can be sure that you will receive an answer for EVERY questions you may have about building successful online business with affiliate marketing.

There are 2 ways to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. First one is the Certification Course. It has 10 lessons with hundreds of smaller tasks you should accomplish.

First lesson is free. It has 27 tasks. You can see more details by clicking on this link. Screenshot is below…

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Another way to earn money is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. This 10-lesson course is created for people who cannot decide on a niche. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn lucrative commission!

First lesson is free. It has 31 task. You can see more details by clicking on this link.

Screenshot is below…

Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Who am I?

My name is Miroslav, I am from Croatia, and I work with Wealthy Affiliate since 2016.

You can go directly to my Wealthy Affiliate profile to find out more about me!

I am also member of some other legit programs (you can find reviews on my website), but Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing that happened to me in terms of Internet business.

I was unlucky in the beginning, and I lost money to some scam programs, but I was not discouraged.

Luckily, among the sea of scams, there are few jewels (Wealthy Affiliate will always be my number 1 recommendation.)

Kyle and Carson have created a company that everyone loves (including me).

If you want to start living online, earn second income from the comfort of your home, and live so called ‘laptop lifestyle’ I highly recommend to join Wealthy Affiliate.


Price: $0 Starter Membership, $49/mth or $359/yr Premium

Online: Since 2005

Type of Business: Affiliate Marketing

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them below or send me Private message when you join Wealthy Affiliate. I will be more than happy to help you.


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