About me

My name is Miroslav, I am from Zagreb, Croatia and I am working online since February 2014. Welcome to my website www.global-home-business.com.

My story

Long story short, I have become involved in Internet business by accident, but I am glad that ACCIDENTS like that can happen sometimes.
I am a huge fan of Internet, and I was always wondering is it possible to make money online. I have always had a dream to be financially independent, and I am getting closer to that dream every day. I don’t want to become a millionaire, in fact I don’t care about that.
I have a regular job which i actually like but the salary is very low (about 450 dollars / month). Let’s face it, there is not much you can do with income like this.
But thanks to the Internet, in less than 2 years, my income skyrocketed, and I am already making enough money so I can afford traveling nearly every month whenever I want and wherever I want, and when it comes to ordinary things in life i can afford nearly anything i want without counting every single penny.

What type of business I do on the Internet?

You are probably wondering what kind of Internet business do I do? The answer is AFFILIATE MARKETING. You can read my post What is online affiliate marketing to have better understanding what the term ‘affiliate marketer’ actually means.
It was not easy at all. I spent nearly 9-12 hours every day working on the Internet in the first year and a half (nowadays i spend 3-6 hours every day online). I was clueless about making money online, so i had to start from the scratch.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to be online 9-12 hours every day. That was simply my choice! But you have to do SOMETHING every day if you want to become successful online (at least 2-3 hours every day).
However, my mission about financial goal i have set for myself is still far from accomplished. I can’t afford expensive car yet, but i am not in a hurry when it comes to cars, i have always preferred bicycles over cars anyway  🙂
My hobbies and passions are traveling, playing video games, table tennis, exercising, music (festivals and concerts), cycling and much more. The screenshot below is when I traveled to Monte Carlo (Monaco) to an Formula 1 race weekend.

Motivation is the key

In the beginning I was actually somewhat lazy, because there is a lot of information to read, and when you are first starting out it can be overwhelming sometimes (especially if you have no experience) because there is a lot of lessons, tutorials and videos to watch and read.
However, I have realized that learning about Internet Business is the SAME THING like learning about every other regular business or job.
It doesn’t matter what your profession or education is, when you become an employee in any company you have to learn new things every day.
There is no exception. And every beginning is a learning process, any work that you do, in any profession requires learning when you are first starting out. And yes, this also applies to Internet Business.
But there is one big difference. With regular job, where you receive equal paycheck each month, Internet Business has much, much higher earning potential.

What do you need to do when you are not motivated enough?

Have you always wanted to travel to that exotic island? Have you always wanted that great car? Have you always wanted to afford to go to Formula 1 race? 🙂
Excellent. Print pictures of all these things and put them somewhere where you can see them all the time. At least that was (and still is) the biggest motivation for me. And every time things didn’t go as i planned, i just looked at these pictures and i was immediately motivated again.

My mission with global-home-business.com?

The biggest and the most important purpose of this website is to teach people who are interested in making money online how to recognize and avoid scams on the Internet.
When it comes to making money online (or work from the comfort of your home), Internet is like a colossal minefield
Many people who tried to work on the Internet, lost their money to some ponzi schemes or Easy money making scamsThese schemes will blind people that it is possible to become rich very quickly without any effort or work. 
That is simply not true and do not believe them. The only way you can get rich quick is by winning the lottery. There is no other way!
Also, there is no way that you will become rich ‘fast’ if you decide to work on the Internet and build your online business with affiliate marketing. It is possible, but it will require work and dedication.

‘Get-rich-quick’ schemes suck! Do not believe in these fairy tales

When I was starting out on the Internet back in 2014, I have seen many programs that were trying to convince me that it is possible to make a shitload of money in the very short time.
When some program promises that you can earn thousands of dollars (or tens of thousands) in YOUR FIRST MONTH, you know that something stinks here.
I was a complete newbie in the online world, but I felt that something was not right! If something is too good to be true, than it probably is!
The most important thing that you need to be aware of is that it is absolutely possible to earn REAL and consistent income on the Internet.
However, people have been brainwashed with so many fake schemes and false programs that they simply GAVE UP believing there is nothing but scams online, or they do not believe it is possible to earn money online and live from the Internet!
Not true at all!
After making some trial and error (and losing money with some SCAM PAID TO CLICK programs) on this journey, I am making money online with honest and legit internet companies that have THOUSANDS of success stories to share. My story is successful, and your story can be successful too.
Nice to meet you and you can always contact me if you ever need anything. Drop a comment below or head directly to my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

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