Easy Money Making Scams Exposed!

Ever heard of easy money making scams (or ‘Get-rich-quick‘ schemes)? You are probably familiar with this. When you search the Internet for “work from home opportunities” you will come across many websites that will try to convince you to buy their “amazing formula” which is “guaranteed” to make you rich within a short time with very little effort.

easy money making scams

How to recognize easy money making scams?

These websites use pictures of fancy looking homes with a swimming pool and a top of the range sports car to ignite the desire within us to own these luxuries.

easy money making scams

easy money making scams

It is followed by a long-winded story of how the webmaster went from ‘rags-to-riches’ and how you can do the same. Get-Rich-Quick schemes will promise that you can obtain high rate of return with little risk, and with little skill (or no skills at all !!!), effort, or time.

easy money making scams

If you have at least some common sense, you will realize that something is wrong here. Who would pay you money (AND WHY?!) for nothing?

easy money making scams

Look for the things that sound too good to be true, because they likely are. Getting rich quick isn’t easy, and if it was, everyone would be doing it. If you’re not sure, do an internet search for a particular program or business opportunity you are looking for.

The cold harsh truth is that there is no genuine way to make a lot of money overnight, not just on the Internet, but in offline (brick-and-mortar) business too (unless you win the lottery).

But there are people online looking for fast track wealth solutions in the hope of becoming rich quickly so they can pay off their debts and buy everything they want.

These people are targets for the scammers who set up these ‘easy money making scams’ websites who blind them with lies and false promises.

Are some of this easy money making scams examples familiar to you? 

Easy money making scams use similar warning indicators. Scammers will use pressuring tactics to get the naive people to sign up quickly, with claiming that there are only a certain amount of copies of a CD or “spots” left, or using “special discount prices” that are only available for a short amount of time (usually for a few or more minutes).


easy money making scams

Make a “GUARANTEED $12 876+ RIGHT NOW“. Be real for a second here. Easy money making scams will imply that anyone who signs up will become rich in a very short time (usually days or months).

But this one reached new heights with claims that you can earn nearly $ 13 000 RIGHT NOW (probably as soon as you sign up). GUARANTEED. What a fairy tale.

easy money making scams

Scammers know how to push psychological triggers. Also, scammers have very successful marketing methods like fake testimonials, and videos with paid actors who are talking rubbish about how they went from ‘rags-to-riches’ and how you can do the same.

In this examples you can see fake actor who claims that he made nearly two million dollars in just 90 days.

easy money making scams

easy money making scams

There can even be videos with claiming “that you may never see it again if you exit this page”. I wonder why.

That is also a lie, because you will run into the same videos over and over again. I have seen videos like this one even after a couple of months. And they were in the same place where I have seen them for the first time. Go figure.

easy money making scams

When you watch these videos (which can be 45 minutes long), you are caught by surprise how much nonsense these guys can talk, how much they are trying to hype up how easy it is to make money, or how rich you can become in a very short time.

Remember, it takes time and effort to succeed. I am not saying you are stupid if you get scammed once or even twice. It is not your fault, because you were told what you wanted to hear. But if you get scammed multiple times than you are stupid. Sorry.

Beware of ‘Business opportunities’ that have spelling and grammatical errors on their Websites

Example below is a clear indicator of suspicious website with grammatical error and promise that you can “change your life in 30 days and turn $18 into a fortune with some magical money making system”.

easy money making scams

It is a red flag if you see misspellings on the websites. This means that the people behind the website are not serious enough, and you are left with big question mark above your head about who is hiding behind the scenes!

Have you ever seen a well-established and legit website that has misspellings?

I don’t think so. If I see a website that has spelling and grammatical errors, I run away. And of course, I don’t want to invest any money in their ‘opportunity’.

Actually, I don’t want to bother at all to even look at what they have to offer.

Final conclusion about easy money making scams

Sure, when someone talks fairy tales about “Getting rich quick” online, it sounds very attractive. But reality is something completely different. I am not a psychologist, but I was always wondering why people fall for these schemes. Is it…

  • Greed?

  • Desire to earn “Easy money”?

  • Laziness?

  • Naivety?


It is all of the above. Sure, I know everyone wants “EASY MONEY”. Heck, even I would love to have easy money but I know it simply doesn’t exist.

I know it sounds attractive when somebody promises that you can earn thousands per week after you invest “only” xx amount of money. Many people think it would’t hurt to try, but they are wrong.

Too many people fall victim to easy money making scams. Don’t allow yourself to be one of these people. Protect yourself and your hard-earned money from scammers and fake actors who will try to blind you with false promises.

easy money making scams

There was a case in Croatia a couple of months ago where a man was convinced (probably via e-mail) that he will receive a multi-million dollar heritage, so he deposited approximately $15 000 from 2013-2016 to residents in some African countries!! INCREDIBLE.

Of course, he didn’t receive any “heritage” and he was scammed for $15 000 dollars. Unfortunately, when he realized he will never see his money again it was already too late.

Here comes the saddest part. Because of these cheaters, thieves and liars people miss great opportunity to make money online, or they do not believe it is possible to earn money on the Internet, but that is simply not true. 

There is a real ways to earn money online and that is Affiliate Marketing. If you ask me if it is possible to earn thousands of dollars on the Internet, short answer is YES, but it will require WORK.

There is no “magical program” that will fill your bank account every week or every month with xxx amounts of dollars. It simply doesn’t exist.

There is one secret how you can make money online

Stop looking for a fast “Money making systems” with special software, “Money making robots” or similar nonsense that will try to convince you that making money online is “easy” and requires no work at all from your part.

You can read my post ‘Is Wealthy Affiliate university a scam‘ here if you are tired of scams.

Did you have any experience with easy money making scams? Post a comment below and join the discussion.


4 thoughts on “Easy Money Making Scams Exposed!

  • Jonathan

    I know this only too well! I have spent a lot of money on these so-called rich schemes.

    As you mentioned they have fancy sales pages, with no information, price or links until you watch the whole video, and still you have no idea what you are supposed to be buying,

    That countdown timer crap! I fell for this many times, just to make you feel the urgency (false!)

    I agree that getting rich overnight is not possible, well if it is, it will be very short lived!

    I have been trying to look for legitimate ways to make money online, I understand that it will take time, like building any business, just not sure what is the correct way, any suggestions?

    Good article, glad you put that information out there, to help suckers like me to not fall for the BS

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Jonathan, thanks for visiting my website.

      ‘Get-rich-quick’ schemes are the most common scamming method on the Internet. When you see something like ‘SPECIAL SOFTWARE’ or ‘LITTLE KNOWN FREE SYSTEM’ you know it is scam to the core.

      You do not suck because you were scammed online in the past. You were told what you wanted to hear. I was scammed too. That is a learning process. But the good news is that you will never fall again for the B.S. (I hope so) because you will recognize scams instantly. 

      If you are looking for legitimate Internet business opportunity, please read my Wealthy Affiliate review. You can start free. 

  • Kevin

    Great article! It’s sad to believe that people are still being scammed online. They’ve been around for so long and it doesn’t take too much to see what a scam they are. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go. They give you a lot to learn there. I haven’t made much yet but think I will in time. It won’t be $10,000/week, but at least it’s not a scam.

    • Miroslav Petras Post author


      you will make money with WA, as long as you do not give up. Wealthy Affiliate is not Get-rich-quick scam. It takes time and dedication to succeed with Affiliate Marketing. 

      Thanks for visiting my website. 


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