E365 Challenge – Free contests worth entering

E365 is just one of the many fun and exciting SFI free contests worth entering. You can join SFI Marketing group free and enter the E365 contest that gives you great goals to shoot for during your first year in SFI. Read the rules below. If you still haven’t, read my SFI Marketing Group Affiliate center review here.

Why is E365 one of the best free contests worth entering?

The answer is very simple. Because you can combine business with fun and pleasure. That is why.

SFI Marketing group rewards active affiliates with nearly every move they make, and they will also give you the opportunity to enter many games and contests where you can win many valuable things which can be great boost for your business.

I love it, and it can be great motivation and fun to participate in these contests. And that is the reason why SFI is one of the best and most unique program of its kind on the Internet. Let’s take a look what is E365 Challenge.

free contests worth entering

This is the best and most popular SFI contest. E365 is a competition which determines the most successful member in your class.

E365 is a challenge in which you compete with every other SFI affiliate who joined SFI the same day you did. The idea is to outlast them all and, on your 365th day in SFI, be named the champion of your class – an Enterpreneur 365 Champion!

The objective of E365 contest

The objective is to score the most VersaPoints (VP) in your class during this 365-day period. While you’re competing in E365, you’re accumulating lots of Versa Points—points that can put money in your pocket from the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

==> Learn more about Versa Points here <==

PLUS, each participating affiliate receives an E365 Challenger badge and has the opportunity to win a share of OVER $1,000,000 in cash and prizes…all while learning about how to create a successful SFI business! You will see E365 panel on the SCOREBOARD TABat the affiliate center. Panel looks like this:

free contests worth entering

There are no purchase requirements to participate in the E365 contest, and you can earn VersaPoints through a variety of educational and business-building actions.


Verify your email address

Whitelist the email addresses of SFI and upline members

Complete your Affiliate Profile Basics

Upload your account photo

Send your commitment letter to your sponsor

Collect a minimum of 1500 VP

To be named the Entrepreneur 365 Champion of your class, you’ll simply need to accumulate the most VP in your class by the end of your 365th day. For each of your days as an E365 contestant (“Challenger”), you’ll also have the opportunity to win cash and prizes in our E365 Daily Drawing.

Drawings are daily random drawings for all qualified contestants from your class and all other classes still within their first 365 days in SFI.


$25 cash awarded to 2 winners

3 CSAs awarded to 30 winners

$5 Signing Bonus awarded to 20 winners

2 TCredits awarded to 200 winners

10 MRP awarded to 388 winners

$5 TripleClicks Gift Certificate awarded to 10 winners

5 VP awarded to 200 winners

2 EZ Express tokens awarded to 50 winners

10 Promo Bids for Penny Auctions awarded to 100 winners


To be eligible for each day’s drawing, you must hold the minimum SFI rank of EA (Executive Affiliate) which means you need to collect 1500 VP.

Tip: You can make this automatic by setting up a Standing Order of 1500 VP


Maximum of one prize per day

Maximum of $500 total cash during first year in contest


E365 “VP Champion of the Month” Badge (expires after one month)

365 MRP (Member Reward Points)


To be recognized as the VP Champion of the Month for your class, you must have the most VP for the month.

Tip: Use your MRP to purchase SFI gear (hats, shirts, mugs, and more) at the MRP Store at TripleClicks to promote and build SFI locally


As an E365 Champion, you’ll receive special corporate recognition, a spot on the E365 “hall of fame” Website, bragging rights, and a handsome plaque for your office wall to commemorate your achievement, and more. And, along the way, you will have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.free contests worth entering

E365 CHAMPIONS also receive ADDITIONAL 365 days in the finalists drawing. That is additional 9,125 chances to win, and there is NO LIMIT on the amount of cash and prizes that can be won during this second full year of the finalists drawing.


As an E365 FINALIST, you will have limits of winning 500 $ total cash, maximum of one prize per week, maximum of 20 non-cash prizes.

free contests worth entering

E365 COUNTRY CHAMPION – As a consolation for those falling short of the overall E365 championship, SFI also recognizes, from each class, the champion from each country. If you finish the year with the most VP for everyone in your class from your same country (minimum 5,000 VP), you will receive a special E365 “Country Champion” badge.


Daily Grand

The DAILY GRAND is an exclusive daily drawing for SFI affiliates. Each day, 410 lucky affiliates can win a share of 18 000 REWARDICALS every day!


free contests worth entering

Each day affiliates can win following prizes..

10 Affiliates will win 500 Rewardicals

200 Affiliates will win 40 Rewardicals

200 Affiliates will win 25 Rewardicals

To enter each day, simply visit the «WIN IT» tab on your SFI homepage and click the “Enter Today’s Drawing” button. You MUST click this button to enter each day. No purchase necessary to win.

Badge Quest – Win a share of 100 000 Rewardicals every month


free contests worth entering

Badge quest is one of many other SFI free contests worth entering. Badge Quest is ongoing, month-to-month contest. There is no purchase requirement of any kind to enter the contest.

You will automatically enter the contest when you join SFI Marketing group. Rules are very simple: Collect badges and win prizes and recognition!

There are FIVE levels in Badge Quest

LEVEL ONE (Rising Star)

Upon earning 12 badges, you’ll advance to the first level in Badge Quest called Rising Star.  As a Rising Star, you’ll automatically receive these prizes:

150 Rewardicals

1 Entry in the big “Badge Bounty”cash drawing (see below)

You’ll also receive the Badge Quest Rising Star badge:

free contests worth rising


Upon earning 30 badges, you’ll advance to the second level…Badge Quest Pro. As a Pro, you’ll also automatically receive these prizes:

500 Rewardicals

 2 Entries in the big “Badge Bounty”cash drawing

You’ll also receive the prestigious Badge Quest Pro badge:

free contests worth rising


Upon earning 40 badges, you’ll advance to the third level…Badge Quest Master.  As a Master, you’ll also automatically receive these prizes:

1000 Rewardicals

3 Entries in the big “Badge Bounty”cash drawing

You’ll also receive the prestigious Badge Quest Master badge:

free contests worth rising

LEVEL FOUR (Grand Master)

Level four, Grand Master, is the first of two elite levels in Badge Quest. To attain the Grand Master level in Badge Quest, it’s no longer about the quantity of badges you have.

Instead, qualification is now based on the point values SFI assigned to each badge (the harder the badge is to attain, the more points it’s worth).

If the total points value of your collected badges puts you in the top 200 of all players, congratulations, you’re a Badge Quest Grand Master!

As a Grand Master, you also qualify for MONTHLY prizes!  That means, if you’re a Grand Master, you’ll automatically receive these prizes every month:

2000 Rewardicals

4 Entries in the big “Badge Bounty”cash drawing

You’ll also receive the prestigious Badge Quest Grand Master badge:

free contests worth entering

LEVEL FIVE (Grand Master Elite)

Level five in Badge Quest is Grand Master Elite. To attain this highest level in Badge Quest, the total point value of your collected badges must put you in the top 20 of all players.

As a Grand Master Elite, you also qualify for MONTHLY prizes!  Every month that you’re a Grand Master Elite, you’ll automatically receive these prizes:

5000 Rewardicals

5 Entries in the big “Badge Bounty”cash drawing

You’ll also receive the prestigious Badge Quest Grand Master Elite badge:

free contests worth rising

“Badge Bounty”cash drawing

free contests worth entering

This is the most exciting part of the Badge Quest competition. Here is how it works!

  1. Each month, for every new badge earned by all SFI affiliates, SFI will put 2 Rewardicals into the bounty pot. Each month, guaranteed minimum Rewardical prize is 100 000.

  2. At the end of the month, SFI will draw 40 winners who will receive equal share of the bounty pot!

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==> Read my SFI Affiliate center review here <==

If you have some questions about SFI contests and games, feel free to post a question below, and I will be more than happy to reply. I hope to see you inside SFI.


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