How to recognize scam PTC sites

If you know how to recognize scam PTC sites you will save a lot of your precious time and money. When it comes to PTC world, it is a minefield of scams, just like majority of MLM’s.

So you need to be careful, because there are THOUSANDS of PTC sites online, and they are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain.

Nearly every week one new Paid To Click site comes up online. If you want to work with PTC site, be sure that PTC site is an established site (AT LEAST FOUR, FIVE OR MORE YEARS OLD).

Do you know how to recognize scam PTC sites? I want to help you to avoid them

I work with only 4 PTC sites exclusively. These are Clixsense (online since 2007), Scarlet Clicks (online since 2009), GPT Planet (online since 2010), and Grandbux (online since 2014). I will post reviews for these sites very soon.

If i don’t post reviews of any other PTC on my website than I do not recommend them.

There are several reasons PTC sites turn to scam status. You can see that reasons below.

Suspending accounts without any warnings or particular reason

Many members had their accounts suspended without any explanation because they were not satisfied about something. When they tried to write on the forum or file a ticket and express their regrets and feelings about things they don’t like, their accounts have been suspended.

The truth is, some PTC sites don’t want members with their own opinions. Many members think that rented referrals are BOTS and not real people clicking on ads.

Many members were also cheated when they upgraded their accounts, rented referrals stopped clicking or had much lower average click rate, and they were forced to spend more money on referrals or to extend them.

Obviously, some PTC sites will ban its members and take their money for sharing their bad experiences.

how to recognize scam ptc sites

When people say they are banned from PTC site, I trust them completely. However, I also know that some members simply do not read TERMS OF SERVICE when they join PTC sites and as a result they do some fatal errors.

For example they log in from shared network environments like schools, LAN houses, cybercafés or having other users to log in from their computers etc.

Many PTC sites do not allow that. Here are some of the most common TOS examples that many PTC sites share. Don’t violate these TOS rules. Always read Terms of service (and especially Clixsense USER AGREEMENT).

Example of Terms of service points…

1.3. You can only have one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the termination of all of them. This also applies to your Paypal account which must be unique and not shared with any another user.

1.4. Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements. If more than one account in a single computer views advertisements, all of those accounts will be permanently suspended immediately. (This error is commited by the biggest percentage of PTC users)

1.5. Each advertisement can be viewed by a single account using the same IP per 24 hours. You can use multiple unique IP addresses to login. However, logging in from proxies/VPN or shared network environments (such as, but not limited to schools, LAN houses, cybercafés, etc.) is not allowed. Any attempt to do otherwise may lead to the termination of your account.

“There are too many cashout requests” / Sites stop paying their members

One of the clear indicators of PTC scam site is when you try to cashout your hard-earned money, and then you receive “There are too many cashout requests right now. Please try later” message or some similar nonsense.

This is a clear indicator that you will probably never receive your money.

That was the case with AD Fiver (which is closed site now) nearly 1 year ago. I had an account there and when I tried to withdraw money, there was this “Too many cashout requests right now” nonsense, and instead they’ve offered a “10% Bonus if you request your cashout 14 days of today’s date”. Yeah, right.

how to recognize scam ptc sites

Of course, I think I don’t have to tell you that i have never received my payment, which was around $35 if I remember correctly (and especially their so called “Bonus”), and the site went down very soon.

The site was nearly 9 or 10 months old, and they had few payment proofs from their users.

But the bottom line is that it wasn’t established site. I have learned my lesson on that one. I was still a newbie in the online world, and i didn’t know how to recognize scam PTC sites.

If you have some amount of money on similar PTC site, try to cashout as soon as possible, and please don’t invest your money there.

Resetting / converting balances without valid reason

Yes, that has happened to me more than once. The so-called “King of PTC” (I don’t want to mention its name) took nearly $1 from my account balance just like that.

I was dilligent, and i was working every day, clicking on ads and did other tasks and collected a couple of bucks. One day i logged in to my account and i realized they took $0.30 from my account!

Nice. They repeated the process two more times in 1 month and nearly $0.50 just dissapeared from my account again.

It is very rude way for deceiving their members. $1 dollar is ridiculously small amount of money but people who can’t afford to invest money need to click on ads nearly 2 or 3 weeks to collect $1.

If this happens to you, consider this as a big red flag. And of course, don’t invest any amount of your money on this PTC.

The owner promises unreal minimal earnings per ads click (Ex: $0.10 – $0.20 or more per click)

Legit PTC sites pay from $0.001 to 0.02 per ad click. Ads last from 3 to 60 seconds. Scarlet-Clicks payment example for clicking on ads looks like this…

  • $0.001 for 3 to 5 second ads

  • $0.005 for 15 second ads.

  • $0.01 for 30 second ads.

  • $0.02 for 60 seconds ads

When PTC site pays $0.001 per click ($0.001 x 10 000 clicks = $10) that means when advertiser buys for example 10 000 clicks to his website for $15, he will pay $0.0015 per click, and this means that PTC site will have $5 profit.

The point is that advertiser wants to get cheap and affordable traffic for his website, and PTC site wants (and needs) to have profit. Math is very simple here.

Now imagine this: PTC site pays minimum of $0.10 or more per ad click. $0.10 x 10 000 = $1000. Mathematically speaking, advertiser needs to pay $1000 (or 0.10 per click) to PTC site if he wants to buy 10 000 hits on his links or website.

Of course, as an advertiser, you would have to pay even more (probably at least $0.15 per ad click) because PTC site needs to have some profit. Math is simple here.

Nobody will ever pay $1500 or more to PTC site for advertising his links or website. Even if advertiser buys only 1000 hits, with $0.10 per click, it will cost him $100 and even that is way too expensive.

Do not join PTC sites with unreal earnings per click

So if you see PTC site which promises unreal earnings per ad click, do not even bother to join. Website called (which is scam site) offers even $2 or more dollars per click.

This is ridiculous, unreal, and they claim that their users made thousands of dollars from clicking on ads which is a total lie.

I am not a member on this website, but i am smart enough to know that this is simply not real or profitable.

You can only imagine how long would website like this last online with such unreal payments per click. Also, minimum cashout on is $1,000 (!!!) which is ridiculous too.

how to recognize scam ptc sites

how to recognize scam ptc sites

When you know how to recognize scam PTC sites, you will avoid pitfalls of wasting your time with junk sites. As you can see from the screenshot above, some members have been working with them for YEARS, and they haven’t received a single penny.

I can only imagine how they felt.

PTC has no forum / HELP or SUPPORT sections

This is a red flag and you need to be careful with PTC sites that don’t have a forum. If site doesn’t encourage discussion between their members, and to share their ideas and knowledge with other members you can consider this site as suspicious.

Scam PTC websites usually don’t have forums because they want to avoid deceived members from posting bad stuff about their site. Also, every legit PTC site must have a special section for payment proofs where members can share their payment proofs.

Some sites will ask to share and post screenshot of your payment immeditely. These sites are legit. The more members, the more active the forum is.

Also, be careful if forums on PTC site have very low activity (which means that the last post was a couple of months ago, or even 1 year).

This is also very suspicious, and it can be an indicator that the site stopped paying their members (especially if members are not posting payment proofs for a very long time in the Payment proof section).

Does PTC site have support? One thing is certain, responsive support staff is important for any site as it is the only contact a member has with the site (along with Forum of course).

The site that does not have support section (or help section of any kind) is not worth your time and effort. Avoid sites like this at all costs. If the site is offline for several days without any update, consider this as a big red flag too.

PTC site asks you to deposit money in order to receive payments / Selective payments / Payout delays

When you collect enough money for cashout, some PTC sites will ask you to deposit money first in order to receive cashouts.

The big question: WHY? Also, if you decide to purchase something they have to offer, some admins will ask you to deposit your own money instead of making purchases with the money earned on the site.

Really? Think about it. If you earned your money fair and square with your hard work, why would anyone ask you to deposit your own money? This method is called ADVANCE FEE scamming.

Legit and established websites of any kind will NEVER ask you to deposit your own money first in order to receive payment.

Next important thing you need to pay attention to, is called SELECTIVE PAYMENT. There are some PTC sites that are well known with their payment delays / selective payments.

The most common reason for payout delays is financial instability and lack of money, and it is only a matter of time before site turns into SCAM and shuts down completely. But there is a catch.

Some scam PTC sites have lists of their few “chosen ones” that receive payments regularly. Other members are banned from the site, or wait their payments for weeks or even months.

When they file a ticket about that, the administration / site owner blocks them, deletes them, or simply refuses to make payments.

By “few chosen ones” I mean they are paying money to other scammers that are connected with them somehow, or members who have highest membership upgrade, while others are obviously not important.

So if you see PTC sites that are still active but have many complaints about payment delays, be sure that site like that has selective payments. Avoid this PTC site at all costs, and don’t invest any amount of money there.

That brings me to the next point…

The admin closed another PTC site in the past or stopped paying

Once a scammer, always a scammer. If you open PTC site, and after some time you are labelled as a scammer, you will never gain trust of your members again.

But it seems to me that scammers simply don’t care about this. Most of these admins will constantly open new PTC sites in order to continue to cheat people and steal their hard-earned money.

Some admins are responsible for more than 20 (TWENTY!!) scam sites.

In general, 95% of new PTC sites are either run by scammers or cannot compete with established sites. If you decide to work with them, you will probably lose your money and time.

That is the reason why i work with only 4 PTC sites i have mentioned above.

If you want to learn some things about PTC sites, and about background of their admins, please visit website called is #1 online watchdog for PTC sites and they have the best reviews of PTC sites on the internet.

The Information is not available is an online service that allows you to search information about websites and their owners / administrators. You need to check information about PTC sites here before you become their member.

You can do research by yourself. Type, enter website’s domain name and hit the green WHOIS button.

how to recognize scam ptc sites

The most important info you need to pay attention to is:

  1. Admin’s name

  2. Admin’s contact details (email,phone number,fax number, physical address)

  3. Domain Registration and Expiration Date

Let’s see some examples for legit and established PTC sites like Scarlet Clicks and Clixsense…

how to recognize scam ptc sites

how to recognize scam ptc sites

As you can see, legit and established sites have all necessary INFO. Admin’s names, contact details like adresses or e-mails are filled in, and this means PTC site is legit.

That means, and have nothing to hide. Ptc sites that are run by scammers, usually hide this vital information from the public.

Take a look at and (which are scam / suspicious PTC sites) information details on

how to recognize scam ptc sites

how to recognize scam ptc sites

I hope you understand what I am talking about here. This is one of the best ways to know how to recognize scam PTC sites. Scam / suspicious sites do not have vital information exposed to the public.

So be sure that you always check information about PTC sites on before you become a member.

PTC site does not have PayPal as a payment processor

While it doesn’t necessarily mean that PTC site is a scam (yet), be very cautious if you don’t see PayPal as a payment option. Paypal is the safest payment processor. They have no mercy for scammers.

These measures are good for the PTC industry. Keep an eye on PTC sites you work with, if a PTC is offering PayPal as a payment option, then you will know it is a good site.

Many PTC sites seem attractive when you first look at them, but unfortunately they are scam. I work exclusively with 4 PTC sites I have mentioned above, and I highly doubt this number will be higher.

I sincerely hope that you have learned how to recognize scam PTC sites with this page. Please bookmark this website and come back whenever you want.

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If you have experience with PTC sites, post a comment below, share your thoughts. I am sure you have something to say about this topic, so say it. 🙂