Is Clixsense legit or scam? Read my review!

Is Clixsense legit or scam? In this review I will try to present a full picture about one of the most popular survey sites in the world. Name: Clixsense (Survey website – Online since 2007) Website: Price: FREE Owner: Jim Grago My rating: 80 out of 100 Who it’s for: Everyone What is Clixsense? Clixsense is Survey website where you can earn money by completing surveys and do various other jobs and tasks.  You will definitely not get rich with Clixsense, but you will learn how to make extra money with this popular survey Continue reading →

What is Crowdflower? Earn some extra cash without any investment

What is Crowdflower?Crowdflower is one of the few proven ways for earning money on the Internet without having to invest anything. It is necessary to have: -Basic knowledge of English -Stable Internet connection -PayPal, Payza or Neteller account for receiving money -Some free time and desire to earn money Learn what is Crowdflower and how to earn some extra cash online with Crowdflower Crowdflower is an internet platform of the eponymous company from San Francisco, and thousands of people worldwide perform administrative tasks for them. Crowdflower jobs can be accomplished by transcribing, translating, describing, and analyzing the content of a webpage, document or post. You can even have tasks where you need to draw shapes with Continue reading →