SFI Tripleclicks store review

Read my SFI Tripleclicks store review. TC is SFI sister site with nearly 100 000 products. You can earn money by promoting high quality products, Pricebenders penny auctions and more. Read what Tripleclicks has to offer. If you still haven’t, read my SFI Affiliate center review here.

SFI Tripleclicks store review and features

SFI Tripleclicks store review

SFI powered Tripleclicks.com (or TC) is online store like Amazon or Ebay (only smaller) that is launched in 2009. and currently has nearly 100 000 products from thousands of sellers in over 110 different countries worldwide. TC is continually growing every day. There are hundreds of new products added every week.

The products on offer cover many categories such as arts and craft, books, business, computers, digital downloads, home and garden, education, electronics and many more. Tripleclicks has more than 6 million members in 203 countries, and more than 3000 ECAs (E-commerce associates).

Tripleclicks is much more than usual online store. If you decide to become SFI Marketing group affiliate, you will have many options to earn money with Tripleclicks. So let’s see what else Tripleclicks has to offer.

Pricebenders penny Auctions (hottest Tripleclicks feature)

SFI Tripleclicks store review

There is minimum 3 live auctions going at all times. Pricebenders (a division of TripleClicks) allows you to bid on and win hot, name-brand products for a fraction of the retail price–typically more than 90% off–with a MINIMUM savings of 77% off (excluding cost of bids, if any) and FREE SHIPPING to US / Canada!

Auctions are ongoing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and each one starts at just one cent, with the price going up by just one cent more for each bid placed.

To start bidding, you need some TCredits (official Tripleclicks currency). TCredits are available in packs of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200…and for as little as $0.29 apiece.

In my opinion Pricebenders penny auctions are the best thing to promote and earn money from, once you have proper education about affiliate marketing.

If you decide to work with SFI/Tripleclicks, besides 10 000s of thousands of products, you can focus on pricebenders penny auctions and earn great commissions and Versa Points.

Each time someone buys a Tcredits that are necessary for participating in Pricebenders penny auctions, you will earn commissions and Versa Points.
For example, if your customer buys pack of 50 Tcredits ($21 value), you will earn $4.16 Direct commissions and 694 versa Points.

==> To learn more about SFI Compensation plan, visit this page! <==

Also, note that many customers you refer to Tripleclicks may buy multiple Tcredits for bidding weekly, or even daily, and your commissions can skyrocket.

Eager Zebra games

SFI Tripleclicks store review

TC also has fun and engaging games called Eager Zebra games to attract more people. List of games:

Many more games are in development. Eager Zebra games are one of the coolest thing to refer more people to Tripleclicks.

So, for card lovers, there is Grandmaster Poker, Blackjack, Card King, if you like quiz games, there is Knockout Trivia, Gold Trivia is a cool game where your objective is to correctly guess the most popular or least popular answers to fun survey questions.

You can also correctly predict the answer to a coming event to win a share of the Time Machine Jackpot (thousands of Tcredits that you can use to play games or purchase products). You can also win 2 Tcredits (official Tripleclicks currency) every day with T-Time contest. Predict the final price of a Pricebenders auction and win a share of the Pick the price Daily Jackpot.

Every action at TC comes with Member Rewards Points (MRP)

SFI Tripleclicks store review

Every time when you play a game, place an auction bid, or make a purchase at Tripleclicks.com you will earn Member Reward Points (or MRP). The same thing is with your customers. When they buy something, play a game or place a bid they earn MRPs (5 or 10 per bid, depending about auction type).

MRP are rewards you earn for doing actions at TripleClicks. You can then redeem your MRP on thousands of different products at TripleClicks without spending your own money.

As a TripleClicks Member, you can earn MRP in SIX different ways

Earn 5-10 MRP on each Pricebenders auction bid you place.

Earn 5 MRP on Eager Zebra game entries and in-game.

Earn 5 MRP on Member listing you post.

Win MRP in the Daily Crown drawing.

Win MRP by referring people to TripleClicks WAVE3).

You also earn MRP on every product purchase at TripleClicks.com. The amount of MRP varies with each product.

As an SFI affiliate, you can earn even more MRP every week via:

Win MRP via the E365 Daily Drawing

Win MRP via the Daily Grand drawing

If you have enough MRP to purchase the product, just put an item you want in your shopping cart and choose MRP as your payment method during checkout. That is it.

ECA (E-commerce associate) program

SFI Tripleclicks store review

This is another powerful TC feature. You can open your own store and sell items at Tripleclicks.com. It is FREE. Your customers can do the same.

Commercial sellers and companies in all countries can market their products side-by-side with SFI own products and services. Approvals typically take just 1-2 business days. There’s no cost for ECAs to list their products and services (SFI will take care of all payment processing on their behalf and then forward them the order for fulfillment).

TripleClicks retains a nominal percentage (minimum 15% of your retail price) whenever you make a sale.

What can you (or your customers) get when by becoming an E-commerce associates?

ECAs will receive free website to list unlimited products, free one-click messaging and emails to all connected members to promote sales, new products, etc, guaranteed sales (ECAs do not pay a cent to SFI unless they generate sales for them), exposure to over millions of affiliates and members worldwide.

As an ECA, you can offer your products as Auto-delivery (i.e. your customers can have ongoing, monthly auto orders) and much much more!

Here comes the best part. As an SFI Affiliate, you can earn lucrative royalties (10%)–for life!–simply by spreading the word about the free ECA Program and signing up your merchants in your area and online!

If your prospective ECAs join Tripleclicks through your unique gateway/link you earn royalties for life for ALL sales they make. SFI Marketing group has training methods for ECA program and very cool and attractive promotional materials like flyers, brochures etc.

==> Learn more about ECA program here <==

Tripleclicks member listings program (Garage sales)

SFI Tripleclicks store review

Use TripleClicks as your “online garage sale” to clean out your attics or garages. List and sell dozens of miscellaneous items easily.

You can sell stuff you no longer need for cash. These can be electronics, golf clubs, clothes, jewelry, you name it. Each listing costs just 1 Tcredit, allows for up to three uploaded images, and is good for as long as it takes to sell your item!

Bonus Tip – Customer referral program (Wave 3)

SFI Tripleclicks store review

When you refer customers to Tripleclicks, you also automatically become Wave3 (or W3) member. As a Wave 3 member you can receive free Member reward points (MRP), free monthly member listings, free bonus entry in the Tripleclicks Daily Crown drawing when your customers and referrals spend Tcredit etc. Learn more about Wave3 here.

Final opinion about Tripleclicks and your opportunity as an Affiliate

All in all, along with Pricebenders penny auctions, fun games and contests, Tripleclicks has many amenities like Exclusives, money-saving deals, super-deals, sales, and closeouts, one-click site wide currency conversions for 17 major world currencies, dozens of payment options and more!

As you can see, TC has something for everyone – and that can make earning money online highly lucrative with incredible long-term residual income potential.

However, SFI and Tripleclicks is just one of the many legit affiliate programs. There are thousands of Affiliate programs out there, and possibilities with affiliate marketing are endless!

When you learn basics about Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate university, you can become SFI Marketing group / Tripleclicks affiliate for free (among many other affiliate programs) and build your Internet business and career.

If you have any questions about Tripleclicks store or SFI Marketing group, just ask.

I will be happy to reply.


Tripleclicks store

Tripleclicks store


9.0 /10

Overall quality

8.0 /10


8.0 /10


  • Over 90 000 quality products to promote and sell
  • Tripleclicks online Auctions. You can win expensive products for only $1 or 2 (as SFI affiliate you can earn extra $ 100-200 every month just from promoting Tripleclicks Auctions)
  • They are constantly adding new products for Auctions
  • You can become E-Commerce associate for free and sell your own products
  • Tripleclicks offers a possibility of selling your unwanted items you no longer need for cash (Garage sales)
  • You can buy products with T Credits (official Tripleclicks currency) and MRP (member reward points) without spending your own money
  • Majority of products are cheaper than on Amazon
  • Lifetime commissions from your customers (one of the best things that I have ever seen when it comes to any affiliate marketing program)


  • Some products have very low commission for affiliates
  • Some products are too expensive
  • Pricebenders Penny auctions can be very addictive
  • They only ship auction items within the U.S. and Canada
  • PSAs or CSAs that you buy or win at auctions will probably NOT be active