You can start successful online retail business in 5 steps! Learn how!

How to start successful online retail business in 5 steps? First step is to BUILD A WEBSITE. Other steps are content, keyword research, domain and traffic!

start successful online retail business

When you are first starting out in online business, it can be quite confusing because you do not have knowledge and education about where and how to start and what to do. This is how the process of making money online works.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you 5-step formula for online success:

  1. How to build your niche website 
  2. How to write good and quality content
  3. What is domain and why it is important to have your own domain
  4. What is keyword research and how it works
  5. How to drive traffic to your website

1) The essence of Online success – Your own website

start successful online retail business

A website that once took weeks to build, nowadays can be built in a matter of minutes, because you don’t have to deal with technical aspects of building a website anymore. Nowadays, you can have your own website in 30 seconds.

Your website communicates with prospects and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even when you aren’t at work, your website is.

start successful online retail business

You may be intimidated with the fact that you need to have a website, because you have never built or created a website before and it may look like a science fiction at first. But it is easier than you think, because you don’t have to deal with technical aspects for your website.

The only challenge you will have in the beginning is to start writing content for your website. But if you follow the training within Wealthy Affiliate, there will be no problem at all.

The biggest mistake affiliates make (do not do that mistake or you are screwed)

People try to earn money online or build online business without a website and they end up failing.

Many individuals are trying to build business online by using other “homes” on the web, such as Facebook or LinkedIn pages or they are simply promoting their Affiliate links in classified ads, forums or social networks. The problem is that they can be characterized as spammers, and they can be banned sooner or later.

start successful online retail business

The best option for your business is to be found by the people (or a NICHE) who use the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to find the products and services they are interested in.

Actively marketing your business website and working to achieve rank on 1st page in Google is much better option and will give you a far better chance of reaching your customers, gaining their trust and generating sales.

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2) Good Design and quality content of your Website

You have a Website. Great. What is next? Next step is to create quality content. If you want to be taken seriously, you must have a professional-looking site.

A bad and lousy websites are very easy to recognize.

They are simply ugly, with tons of flashy and irritating banners and images, bad navigation, they are repulsive and will make you run away as soon as possible, and that is definitely something that you don’t want.

Good and quality content will increase your search engine results page ranking, (through SEO – Search Engine Optimization), and you will be able to build relationship with your visitors, which will lead to INCOME and creating your own BRAND (long-term business potential).

start successful online retail business

Having an informative, well designed website sends a message that you take your work and career seriously – and your visitors and customers will take note.

3) It is very important to have your own domain

This is the most important tool you will need in order to set up your business online and the cost is quite reasonable.

If you have or a .org domain you can expect much better rankings within the search engines than you would running a free website on any subdomain.

start successful online retail business

There are some very significant advantages of having your own domain. A domain allows you to create your own website to promote your products or passions.

Within Wealthy Affiliate you can get a domain for $14 per year (you must be a premium member to have your own domain).

Yes, having your own domain will lead to more success. They tend to rank better than subdomains in search engines.

Free subdomain like (powered within Wealthy Affiliate) can rank very well within Search engines, but if you have a or a .org domain you can expect much better rankings within the search engines than you would running a free website on a subdomain.

If you already have a domains, you can transfer them from other registrars to Site Domains at Wealthy Affiliate.

4) Keyword research

Keyword research is another extremely important tool that will help you with your website rankings in search engines. Precisely, you will learn how to make your website ranked on first page in GOOGLE with keyword research.

start successful online retail business

Let’s face it, majority of people (and you probably belong in this category too) rarely go beyond first page in Google, whatever they are looking for.

Keywords are the premise of all your content. You are going to learn how to get “ranked” under a specific keywords, which will lead to traffic from the search engines.

Once you have an “in” how Keyword research works, you can get endless amounts of 1st page Google rankings within any niche.

==> Learn more about Keyword research here <==

5) Generate traffic and attract visitors to your website

Traffic, regardless of the nature of your online business is the root of all success. If you learn how to effectively get traffic to your website, you can accomplish an extraordinary amount of success.

You probably have hobbies or passions. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be ANYTHING. Sports, electronics, gardening, cars, computers, video games, photographing, you name it. You will write about your passions on your website, and earn money from it. How great is that?

start successful online retail business

You will attract an audience that will have an interest in what you have to offer, and an audience that will buy what you are selling. An audience that is interested in what you have to offer, is called a NICHE.

Your NICHE can be anything, from “learn to play guitar”, to “organic skin care” to “making money online” to “helping people with back pain”.

How you can generate Traffic to your website?

  • Write good and quality content
  • Post Videos
  • Get Rankings in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) – THE BEST OPTION
  • Paid Traffic
  • Ad Buys
  • Traffic exchange

If you don’t know how to build website, or generate traffic to your website, you can learn that within Wealthy Affiliate, #1 Internet business building platform in the world.

6) Make money with your website

Of course, this is the sweetest part. The icing on the cake. This is where your hard work and dedication pays off. There are literally tens (or even hundreds) of ways you can make money from site that has traffic.

start successful online retail business

Here are some methods how your website can bring you money.

  • Affiliate Marketing (promoting and selling products) with the most popular and biggest online stores like Amazon, Ebay, CJ (Commission Junction) – THE BEST OPTION
  • Direct Affiliate programs
  • CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • Google Adsense (putting ads on your website)
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Selling products that you own
  • Selling your own website etc.

You will choose which category is the best for you. So, your primary goal is focusing on creating something that would attract attention and traffic to your website. Once you have the traffic in place, lots of different ways to make money will present themselves, and this can boost your income for years to come. How great is that?

Get started for $0. No purchase requirements, no obligation

The biggest mistake I see people doing is trying to figure out success on the Internet ALONE. Do not be that person.

Maybe you have built a website before, but did not have too much success mostly because you did not have proper training and education. This will change right now.

Tools, tips and techniques that are provided within the best Online Training Platform will change everything you thought you knew about Online business. And on top of that you will meet positive and motivated people (like me) who will help and assist you whenever you need help and you will have support 24/7.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to build a website. It is easier than you think. And best of all, it is completely FREE to get your business rolling. Do not be scared to get out of your comfort zone and try new things and learn new stuff.

==> You can read here my Wealthy Affiliate training academy review <==

As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact me, or post a comment below.


24 thoughts on “You can start successful online retail business in 5 steps! Learn how!

  • Jacob Schilling

    Wealthy Affiliate is constantly improving. Now you have access to even more tools as well now that Jaaxy has been merged into the wealthy affiliate platform. The guys behind WA really do up and beyond to make this place the go-to place to learn all about the affiliate marketing business model.

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      That is true. They surprise me nearly every week with something fresh and new. And I have also purchased yearly membership for $299 ($24.91 per month). I have realized that it is the best possible investment you can make. For such a quality and one-of-a-kind platform it is a very reasonable price. 

      Thanks for visiting my website.

  • Jacob Schilling

    Hi Miroslav. I understand that posting affiliate links on social media networks is spammy, however, I would love to take advantage of the social media groups within my niche. I would love to offer content to facebook groups and attract visitors to my site. Whats the best way to do this without being spammy?

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      So far, the best thing is to join Facebook groups. It is highly recommended to join relevant Facebook groups (target people with similar interests). 

      For example if you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate or some other online program or service, the best thing to do is to join relevant groups like Make Money Online groups, Affiliate Marketing groups, Enterpreneur groups, Work from home groups etc. 

      However, you will have to wait for approval first. When admin approves you, make sure that you follow the rules.

      The most important things for successful advertising on Facebook:

      1. You cannot post your affiliate links directly so make sure that you HAVE A WEBSITE FIRST. You want people to come to your website (where your affiliate links are) by offering a short description about the program you are promoting and also a relevant image. 

      2. It is not recommended to post the same link more than once, so the best thing to do is to create free Siterubix websites (within WA you can have 25 free websites) where you have 2 or 3 pages or posts about the program or service that you are promoting. 

      If you are promoting for example WA and some other online service, the best thing to do here is to create 2 small free Siterubix websites. On the first website you will describe what is Wealthy Affiliate about, and on the other one you will describe about other program. 

      TIP: When you create free Siterubix websites, you DON’T CARE about whether or not that particular website will achieve rankings in Google or other search engine, because you will create these website mostly for Social media advertising. It is much easier and faster to create websites like this because you don’t need to care too much about keyword research or SEO optimization. 

      Usually, you can create small free website in a couple of hours! But of course, make sure that you have helpful and quality content.

      3. Post once within a 24 hour period. People are simply posting too much within 24 hours. 

      I can see that you are already WA member. Inside WA you can find many great tips and techniques for successful advertising on social media platforms. 

      But in my opinion these tips are the most important. Also, I recommend for creating free Facebook ads or banners. They have great layouts for creating successful banners and ads. And it is free.

      Hope to see you inside WA. 


  • Neil

    There are certainly some amazing and important aspects here for creating a successful online retail business. 🙂

    In today’s internet world, I guess having a website now is one of the crucial things to start out with for a profitable business.I remember back in the late 90’s, folks would simply fill the internet with affiliate links. UGH! But I really like how the digital space has evolved and now requires folks to provide value.

    I think it’s fantastic that this Wealthy Affiliate academy provides everything for building an online business. Without the right training, tools, help, support, and especially a website in place, it will be real tough for any newcomer to create a thriving empire on the web.

    Thanks ever so much for the 5 steps!


    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Greetings, Neil.

      You are absolutely right. Back in the 90’s affiliates would simply fill the Internet with links. But without proper training and guidance they will do that even nowadays. That is not a good tactic, and they will most likely generate few sales here and there, but in general, they will fail to create rock-solid online business.

      Luckily Wealthy Affiliate is here to change that. 

      Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I have seen many banners and advertisements for WA but I didn’t pay too much attention because i thought it is just another scheme. Boy, how wrong I was. If you want to build successful online business, JOIN WA!

      Thanks for visiting my website! Good luck with your online business.

  • Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing, your website is full with tons of awesome information that can really help your readers to set up a successful online business, you went into full detail and explain it all. Your post is a good breakdown of this business and is so easy to follow. Your readers will love what you are sharing.

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Norman, thank you very much for your kind words. 

      People simply have to realize that they can earn REAL money and consistent income on the Internet. They just need to find the right programs. I was scammed in the past and i decided to warn people about fake programs. Unfortunately, 8 or 9 out of 10 programs are fake. But luckily, the are some jewels among the sea of scams online!

      Once again, thank you for your kind words, and thanks for visiting my website.


  • Brian

    Excellent article on starting a successful online retail business. Having a website is definitely essential these days, but as you said, it is very easy to start one up and takes practically no time at all anymore.

    The only thing you have to do is provide quality and consistent content that will be of great benefit to people. I really like being on the search engines and that is one of the best ways to get organic traffic.

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      You are right Brian. Getting ranked in search engines requires work, but it will definitely be worth it. Targeted traffic is the key for online success!

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my website.


  • Sharon Whyte

    Hi there,
    You definitely covered all that is required to make a successful online business. And you are right, there are alot of spammers of links around. I would never go through a link like that. If I am buying something I like to go to information and research it which is exactly what you suggest in creating websites and blogging etc. Really good info and thanks for sharing!

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Thank you Sharon!

      You are right, people search for good and quality information about the products. Like I said, people need to have a reason to buy the product, and your website with reviews and detailed information about the product will spark their interest, and they will more likely buy the product.

      Thanks for visiting my website.


  • Mike Jay

    I think the best points you make in this article are about the need for a website and for your own domain. You explain why this is the case.

    You also make it clear that owning an online business is more than slapping links around social media sites – it is a legit business that requires some education and hard work!

    Like you said, don’t try to figure out the internet alone. Get some help! I might be calling on you sometime.

    All the best!

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Greetings Mike, and thanks for visiting my website.

      If you slap your social links everywhere, you may be lucky and generate few sales from time to time, but you will not earn consistent income. Having your own website with review and detail about the product WILL earn you consistent income and you will have better chance for generate sales!

      Absolutely, feel free to contact me if you need any help.


  • Dustin

    This is good stuff. I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago and Ihave absolutely loved the training. I’ve been thinking of jumping in to blogging for a few years but never knew where to start. I haven’t made any money yet, but I have complete confidence that if I follow the trainings that I’m setting myself up for success.

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Hello Dustin. I am glad that you love the training within WA. You haven’t made any money yet, because you are at the early stage of building your business. It will not happen overnight!

      But if you follow the training, you will set yourself up for success, no doubt about that!

      The most important thing is to ALWAYS ask questions if you don’t understand something. If you think some of your questions are stupid or ‘silly’, you must immediately erase that mindset. 

      Within WA, there are no stupid questions. Just ask, and you will receive answers!

      Have a great day, and if you want, you can always ask me a question if you don’t understand something! 


  • Chris

    As you have pointed out the best way to be successful online is to have your own domain and website. But when it comes to micro niches, Do you think that an extremely rare niche could be successful with a free site?

    Or should the thought not even enter my mind? lol

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Greetings, Chris. Even micro niches will have targeted audience and you can earn some extra income with micro niche sites. But it will be more difficult with a free site (but not impossible), 

      If you want to earn money with micro niche (free) site, you must find good keyword for your niche site, write good and quality content and promote your site on social networks, classified ads, forums, traffic exchange etc,and basically anywhere where it is allowed to promote your website or blog because your free site will not rank within the search engines (even if they do rank, they will most likely not be on the first page in Google)

      You can generate few sales here and there, but without a website and domain it will be much more difficult. But you can definitely try.

      Within Wealthy Affiliate you can have 2 free websites, so give it a shot (as a premium member you can have 50 websites total).

      Can you be more specific what kind of extremely rare niche do you have in mind?


  • Simon Crowe in Asia

    I have to say, your points really make sense. I agree that if you’re going to start a successful online retail business then you can use sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon but your website has to be the foundation.

    Because you never know what might happen to the other sites, but your website belongs to you and you have full control.

    I’m really interested to learn about how to get traffic to websites and how to make money with websites and Wealthy Affiliate looks very interesting because I think I need a systamtic approach to follow so I can start my own successful business.

    Thank you, I will have a look at Wealthy Afiliate now and I appreciate the great information here. All the best.

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Hello, Simon Crowe and thank you for visiting my website. 

      “Because you never know what might happen to the other sites, but your website belongs to you and you have full control.”

      Yes, that is exactly my point.

      It is very important to have your own website with reviews and personal opinions about product and services, because people need to have some info about the product, and the most important thing, they need to have a reason to buy the product you are promoting. Good and honest opinion about the product will increase trust with people who are reading info about the product you are promoting and they will most likely buy it!

      Wealthy Affiliate has a systematic approach to follow, and you will not be disappointed, because their training is suited for everyone (both beginners and professionals).

      There are many ways of generating traffic to your website, but Rankings in search engines (or targeted traffic) are in my opinion the best way to go. 

      I am glad that you liked info on my website. Have a great day.


  • Phil

    Hi there,
    I have just looked through your detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate and I must say this is as good an account of an online business that I have ever seen.
    You have covered all the bases and I am confident that the visitors to this website will be mightly ompressed by what they see here.
    I count my blessings every day, as I too was lucky to discover this awesome business.
    I firmly believe that WA is the best there is on the internet today.
    Best wishes and good luck
    Cheers Phil Browne

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Mr. Phil, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. I am glad that you liked my Wealthy Affiliate review.

      Yes, when I write reviews, I like to include many things about programs, because I like to provide every important detail for my readers. If they want to join programs I have reviewed on my website, they will know every aspect of this fantastic program (and all other programs i have reviewed) and they will have full picture.

      In fact, i am working on detailed Wealthy Affiliate picture tutorial and i will post it on my website in the next couple of weeks!

      Once again, thank you for your kind words.

      Best wishes and good luck to you too (both in life and of course with your online business).


  • Merrell

    Thanks for the detailed breakdown on teaching me how to start an online business. I enjoyed reading the post as it gave me a lot of details on how to get started. Would you mind expanding more about the point you made regarding people trying to build online businesses using “FB” or LinkedIn? Is it illegal to share affiliate links on FB? The other query I have is regarding how would someone find their appropriate Niche? Does Wealthy Affiliate provide training on that?

    • Miroslav Petras Post author

      Greetings Merrell, and thanks for stopping by.

      No, posting ads is not illegal, but the biggest problem is that Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social networks are simply overcrowded with various online job opportunities and ads, so after some time they can block your related posts or ads about job or service that you are promoting by calling your content ‘spammy’ or against their rules or terms of service. (even if you have successfully posted your ads multiple times before).

      I had that problem. I had posted various ads on Facebook successfully for weeks and even months, and then all of a sudden Facebook stopped approving my ads. When I contacted their support they said that my posts have been blocked due to ‘content that doesn’t follow their policies’. Go figure.

      There were also cases, where people run legitimate websites with big Facebook community for months and they banned them for no reason! On top of that, they spent hundreds of dollars each month on advertising. That is so sad.

      Sure, you can post ads and run campaigns on Facebook or other social networks, but I cannot guarantee they will not ban you sooner or later.

      However, when you have your own website (with your own domain) ranked in search engines, things like this cannot happen, and of top of that you will have TARGETED traffic, which is a big difference.

      You can find your appropriate niche by typing ‘your niche+affiliate program’ in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo (for example FITNESS+AFFILIATE PROGRAM), or you can simply join affiliate programs with many niches (Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction or CJ etc.)

      Absolutely, Wealthy Affiliate provides training about building your NICHE website and they will teach you how to build online business from the scratch even if you have no experience!

      It is free to get started. For any additional questions, feel free to contact me.


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