Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate

Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 and beyond. Read more info on this page.

Las Vegas. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to Las Vegas? Luxury, nightlife, gambling (slot machines are waiting for you as soon as you leave airplane), strip clubs, entertainment and much more.

I know I have always wanted to travel to Las Vegas to see how rich people live and to experience “Sin City” life.

Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate

What if I tell you that you can travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate?

To be able to do that, you need to achieve 300 sales from January 1 to December 31. But first, let’s see what is included and what you will get when / if you reach 300 sales (300 upgraded referrals or average of less than 1 premium referral per day) in 1 year.Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate


  • Paid Flight expenses (up to $600)
  • Fully paid Hotel Accommodations
  • 3 day Super Affiliate conference in the fully catered lofts
  • 2 hour Private Meeting with Kyle & Carson
  • Meet & greet with other Super Successful affiliates
  • Gambling (they will give $200 set out for each super affiliate for gambling)
  • Craft beer & steak nights
  • Awesome WA Swag Package (high end goodies)
  • Lots of fun and unforgettable experience

So if you achieve 300 referrals in one year, you will have a chance to meet WA founders Kyle and Carson in private and have discussion about online business, and pretty much anything else.

With Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing you can accomplish things that you never dreamed about. Not only you can earn incredible residual income from the Internet, you can also combine business with pleasure.

Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate

You will create new friendships, SEE VEGAS, and your entire trip will be paid for. So, the unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

They will give you some tips and strategies to make your online business even better. Maybe you think: ‘Well, they can do that on the Internet inside WA’. Yes, they can and will, but it is much different when you meet someone in person (in LAS VEGAS!). Don’t you agree?

I have been lucky to visit Monte Carlo (Monaco) few years ago, which is similar to Las Vegas (only closer, since I live in Europe), and I can tell you that you will feel something special and different, if you visit such a luxury and unique destination.

Simply, the vibe and feeling I felt from the get-go since I arrived in Monte Carlo was something I have never experienced before.

Luxury hotels and buildings, sports cars, casinos, nightclubs, expensive real estates, yachts with private helicopters…

Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate

Even though I will probably never have a yacht or a private helicopter (never say never lol) it was good to be a part of it. One more thing. My motivation for success and hard work was stronger than ever.

And my next big goal is to reach 300 premium referrals in 1 year to make it to Vegas.

I don’t care when. It can be in 5 years, but that is my big goal. If you decide to become Wealthy Affiliate member, let this be your biggest motivation.

You can read a post here from Jason, one of the WA members, and how he made it to Las Vegas in just 19 months from starting out with WA as a complete newbie.

How can you travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 or beyond?

Wealthy Affiliate conference in 2017 was big success with even more plans and strategies for 2018. In 2018 (and beyond) you can become a part of this yearly event where all the super affiliates get to spend a 4 days hanging out with the owners Kyle and Carson.

There are few steps to achieve that…

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate (read my review here)
  • Work hard
  • Be persistent and don’t give up
  • Bear in mind that you need to choose AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP and follow the training

Travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate


Hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate.


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