What Is a Niche Website? Learn How To Build Successful Niche Website

What Is a Niche Website? What is a niche? If you want to become successful in making money online with Affiliate marketing you must be familiar with these 2 terms. I will answer these 2 questions right away!

NICHE is a group of people looking to buy the products from a particular industry or market.

NICHE WEBSITE is a website with ‘reviews’ and with helpful and quality INFORMATION about particular product or service.

What Is a Niche Website

Let’s dive deeper so you can have better understanding for the terms ‘NICHE’ and ‘NICHE WEBSITE’.

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On this page you will learn…

What is a niche

What is a niche website

What is targeted audience

What are keywords and purpose of the keyword research

How to write great review about the product you use and love

What is actually a niche and where do you start?

The word “NICHE” can actually be scary to some people, and confusing to others. It is not confusing or scary. You can also add another term for NICHE and that is MARKET or INDUSTRY.

NICHE is an audience or a group of people interested in something specific within specific market / industry, whether it is product or a service.

The other most important thing: NICHE IS ALSO SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. Niche is something that you are passionate about, and niche is something that you love to do (hobby or interest of any kind).

What Is a Niche Website

It really doesn’t matter what it is. It can be anything. So, what is the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks you:

“What are you passionate about?”

“What is your favorite hobby?“

“What do you love to do?“

The first answer that comes into your mind is your intuition at work. This is your subconscious telling you what you love. Follow that thought! Follow that intuition – and go after that market / industry!

What Is a Niche Website

The most popular markets / industries with millions of niches

There are millions of niches available within any market / industry. I will list the some of the most popular markets here, so you can have an idea what the term niche actually means.



Weight loss


Make money online (or make money on the Internet)

Video gaming


Self improvement

Technology and software


However, niches / markets I have mentioned above are huge and very broad, and you will have difficult time by dealing with competition you will face in these niches.

Not only they can be narrowed down, it is highly recommended that you narrow it down to more specific categories.

Now, niche can be ANYTHING within various markets – photography, painting, fishing, how to train puppies, gardening, health & fitness, electronics & computers, you name it.

However, while terms like photography, fitness, health, fishing are a niche, they are TOO BROAD.

To have better understanding of the word ‘NICHE’, I have selected 2 markets: PHOTOGRAPHY and FITNESS.

What Is a Niche Website

Are there people interested in photography? Absolutely. Millions of people are interested in Photography.

However, the term ‘Photography’ IS a niche, but it is simply too broad.

How to find much more targeted and specific niche

Targeted audience in the Photography market per se IS NOT an audience that you can effectively target, rather you need to dig down and get more specific within the term ‘Photography’.

I will give you some examples of groups of people that are much more targeted “niche” and specific when it comes to ‘Photography’.

People looking to create black and white landscape photographs are a niche

People looking to specialize in creating 360 degree photos are a niche

People who want to learn the basics, or have interest of any kind in street photography are also a niche

Boutique photo editing for wedding photographers are a niche

People looking to become professional wedding photographers are a niche

People interested in wildlife photography are a niche

Construction time-lapse photography is also a specific niche

People looking for beginner’s guide for photography of any kind are a niche

…I could go on forever here just when it comes to Photography. So, as you can see, I have narrowed down the Photography market / industry into some smaller, much more targeted ‘niches’.

What about Fitness?

What is a niche website

Sure, many people (including me) love fitness. But the term ‘FITNESS’ is not going to be enough to effectively target specific audience / customers.

For example when I think about Fitness I can instantly think about sub-niches like:

Health and Fitness for Vegans / Vegetarians

Ab workouts for men / women

Gym workouts (for basically anything)

How to work properly with Rowing machines

Kettlebell exercise workouts

Muscle definition

Training with medicine balls

Equipment for nordic walkers

Medical condition niches like exercising with various injuries (back pain, broken neck, wrist, hand etc etc)

However, even these sub-niches i have mentioned above can be too broad. So, you can drill down even deeper into one market and create a niche in something even more specific.

Each of these sub-niches can also be narrowed down to tens or even hundreds of niches / sub-niches. I will take Kettlebell exercise workouts as an example and I will narrow it down to at least 10 sub-niches.

What is a niche website

Kettlebell workouts for men

Kettlebell workouts for women

Beginner’s guide for Kettlebell workouts 

Kettlebell warm-up routines

Kettlebell warm-down exercises

Kettlebell exercises for elder people

How to train correctly with Kettlebells

Kettlebell equipment reviews

High quality Kettlebell

Home Kettlebell exercise program

If you love to workout with Kettlebells, that is your niche / sub-niche (along with Fitness / workout / health niche of course).

I hope you understand what I am talking about here.

The main point is to choose something you love. By ‘SOMETHING’ I mean PRODUCT or SERVICE within any niche you love and use and would like to recommend to people.

By selecting a niche, you will pin down specific group of people within any market / industry (or targeted audience) who you want as your customers.

Also, NICHE is a group of people within ANY industry or market who are looking for some kind of quality information or help about the things they are interested in.

The most important thing is that niche is the group of people looking to BUY THE PRODUCTS.

What is a niche website

And this is where you, as an affiliate marketer, can create an extraordinary passive income.

Your job as an affiliate marketer?

To write a detailed and quality ‘review’ for some specific product (or multiple products within the same market) on your niche website,

Choose an affiliate program / network (Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank or any other affiliate program) of your choice that sells that specific product, promote it to your targeted audience and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

What is targeted audience?

Sometimes, it is not all about traffic, it is about getting the RIGHT KIND OF TRAFFIC.

First of all, there are multiple ways to attract traffic to your website. These are:

Traffic exchange

Social media engagement

Classified ads



E-mail marketing

Buying visitors to your site (ad buys)

Organic traffic (targeted audience) – THE BEST OPTION

Targeted audience (or organic traffic) is the premise and root for your success with affiliate marketing and niche websites.

Organic traffic generally refers to non-paid traffic. Organic traffic is a free traffic and type of audience that comes to your website from the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. 

This kind of traffic comes automatically to your website so you don’t have to do anything like online advertising or promotions on the Internet.

According to Chitika database, more than 91% of Internet users never go beyond first page in Google, no matter what they are looking for. When your website is on the first page in the search engines, you will have big amount of traffic and possible sales.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate training platform comes into play. They will teach you exact, step-by-step process how to rank your website on first page in Google. It really doesn’t matter what your niche is.

What Is a Niche Website

How can you achieve 1st page ranking within the search engines?

By doing proper keyword research.

Keywords and purpose of the keyword research

First of all, what are keywords?

Keyword is simply a term or a phrase that people type in search engines. Organic traffic type specific keywords for products or services they want every day in online search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

It can be absolutely anything you can imagine, from ‘Fishing equipment’ to ‘How to train dogs’.

Example below is a keyword someone (in this case, me) typed into Google. This means that someone wants the information about horse riding equipment.What Is a Niche Website

Someone who is searching information about horse riding equipment is probably going to buy something from that particular niche. 

As you can see from the screenshot below, Google will provide me with the most relevant results for the keyword ‘horse riding equipment’.

When I click on one of these pages, I will be taken to the page that is ranked in Google for that specific keyword (in this case ‘horse riding equipment’). If I purchase something from these pages, website owners will earn a commission.

This is where you have a huge opportunity as an affiliate marketer, because there are millions of keywords in every niche.

Each page or post that you create will target keyword that is relevant to your niche. When you achieve rankings in Google, your chance of making sales and earn money will dramatically increase.

Purpose of the keyword research?

There are MILLIONS of potential customers on the web right now, searching for a product or service within ANY niche. The biggest goal of keyword research is to capture as many of those potential customers as possible and to convert them online.

Another important thing about keywords is to find out what your customers are searching for online and then re-direct them to your page or post that is ranked in the search engines under particular keyword that is attached to that niche.

Keyword research will also help you to avoid wasting time on unprofitable keywords and phrases.

The next biggest purpose of keyword research is to DEFEAT THE COMPETITION

For each keyword, you will be competing with other pages that rank in Google for that particular phrase. There are some rules that you need to follow to perform successful keyword research.

Keyword must have sense. If the keyword doesn’t have grammatical sense, don’t use it. That is the most important thing.

Keyword must have at least 50 monthly searches in Google.

Competition for keyword that you are looking for must be under 300. The closer to 0 is better. If the competition is above 300, your chance for high Google rankings will be low!

Organic traffic deals directly with SEO.  The better you are ranking in the search engines for competitive keywords, the more organic traffic (or targeted audience) will result.

There are many keyword research tools on the Internet, but I am using 2 keyword research tools exclusively. 

First one is Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool (for premium members only), and Jaaxy (the ultimate keyword research platform that was developed by Wealthy Affiliate owners Kyle and Carson).

SPECIAL NOTE: If you decide to join Wealthy affiliate and become a premium member, you will have access to 1000 (one thousand) brilliant keywords within many niches that were created with Jaaxy. On top of that you will have unlimited keyword research possibility.

Wealthy affiliate will teach you how to get “ranked” in Google under a specific keywords, which will lead to traffic from the search engines. Once you have an “in” how Keyword research works, you can get endless amounts of 1st page Google rankings within any niche.

What Is a Niche Website

In this video Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the process of finding proper keywords for your business and niche with both Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool and Jaaxy. Check it out here.

Like I already mentioned there is also keyword research tool within Wealthy Affiliate, but only premium members have access to that option. Good news is, after you watch the video, you can sign up to Jaaxy and get 30 searches, completely free, no credit card required. You will then have an idea how keyword research works. Check it out here.

What is a niche website

Next, you are going to learn what is a niche website, how to write convincing and quality product reviews, and why majority of people fail to make money online with affiliate marketing!

My personal definition of a niche website: It is a website that provides HELPFUL AND QUALITY information in which author shows knowledge or expertise about one particular subject matter.

I also call it a ‘review’ about one particular subject. (product or service)

Product that you talk about and promote on your blog / website is called Niche Affiliate product.

What Is a Niche Website

This is the information (or content) that is going to be both USEFUL AND INTERESTING to your audience.

The main purpose of creating a niche website for your audience is HELPING instead of SELLING and this is the mistake that is the most common among people who try to earn money with affiliate marketing and niche websites.

This is the mistake Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to avoid. People love to read reviews and opinions about what other people have to say about products.

Good and quality review about the product will also help them to decide whether to buy a product or not.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate training academy comes into play, again. They will teach you how to write convincing product reviews.

What does actually mean ‘HELPING instead of SELLING’?

Most reviews are solely focused on selling a product. That means people will put their affiliate links for the product (or even worse multiple products) without providing helpful information about why are they promoting and recommending specific product or service.

Now, this may sound counter-intuitive to you, because of course your goal IS to sell the products and earn commissions, but there are some tactics and strategies you need to implement in order to become successful in making money online with affiliate marketing.

So, what are the biggest mistakes affiliates make?

They will put some pictures of the product (which is completely fine, pictures are important) but they will only write a couple of paragraphs about the product, redirect their readers to affiliate program which has that product in stock and hope they will make a sale.

And I can tell you right away, they will most likely NOT generate any sales because they are focusing solely on the sale…instead on how the product or service is going to help people.

On the other hand, they CAN generate few sales here and there, but that is not going to be enough to earn CONSISTENT income with their niche websites / Affiliate marketing.

Remember, people need to have a reason to buy the product / join the service you are promoting.

How to write a good and quality review?

What is a niche website

If you want to create successful niche site and make sales, you must focus on a very specific set of information for products that readers or purchasers are looking for. So, when you write reviews, you should be helping instead of selling.

Your review needs to have following information:

Product name

Product price

Who is it for

What is the product about, and how it helped you

Pros (what you like the most about the product / service)

Cons (what you don’t like about the product / service)

Why you recommend the product

Your rating of the product

Your final opinion about the product

BONUS – Your opinion about why is this product different than other products

For example, if you like horses, read about horses, go horseback riding, and have an overwhelming love of horses, then that is your market. “Horses” is your market / industry, and after all – a niche.

What Is a Niche Website

You probably own many products from that particular market, and you are most likely familiar to the core with many products within the industry like horse riding gear & equipment, riding apparel, horse rugs, clothing for horse riding like riding hats, boots or riding accessories like riding gloves, body protectors etc.

Remember, if you show the expertise about the product you are promoting, your readers will trust you and they will probably buy the product. When you write about the product that you actually use and like, you will show knowledge and enthusiasm through your writing, making the readers more excited about buying the product.

How do you accomplish this?

By finding something that captures your own passion, and by creating a ‘review’ of something that you know a lot about. This is a critical key to your success. Once again, ‘something’ is a PRODUCT or a SERVICE within any particular market / industry that you are very familiar with.

BONUS: You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review in “No.1 program” section, to have an idea how detailed review looks like. In this case I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate university, which is a service (online affiliate marketing training platform).

Don’t be scared, your review does not have to be as detailed as mine. I simply chose to write a very long review, because I like to give every important detail about the product or service I am promoting.

If you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate there are many tips, training and tutorials about writing good and quality reviews.

There is also brilliant live video class (you must be a premium member to watch live video classes) about writing convincing product reviews.

What if you are a person with multiple hobbies and passions?

If you have more things that you are passionate about (I hope you do) and you would like to become affiliate marketer and earn money from multiple passions that you love, please do not write about all these things on 1 website. What you need to do instead is to have different websites for different niches.

What do I mean by that?

For example, let’s say that you have more passions, hobbies and interests. It is not impossible. I know I am passionate about many things in my everyday life.

My interests and hobbies are work from home (affiliate marketing), online auctions, cycling, exercising, video games, traveling, concerts. Of course, it is absolutely fine to have 1 hobby or passion, I am just giving an example for people who have multiple hobbies and passions.

Maybe you are a person passionate about gardening, outdoor activities like camping, hiking etc, and let’s say that you also love to have healthy lifestyle which means that you love going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, and do workouts.

What Is a Niche Website

We are talking about 3 different niches / markets here. Gardening is 1 niche, camping and hiking is another niche (both camping and / or hiking can be separate niches), and health & fitness is the 3rd niche (both can also be separate niches).

Instead of having 1 website for all niches, you will have 3 different niche websites.

Your job as an affiliate marketer with multiple hobbies and passions is to create separate websites for each and every interest that you have. You will NOT write about your multiple hobbies and passions on 1 website or blog. 


If you are into Fitness / workout niche, and you are promoting Whey proteins or workout equipment on your niche website, than you can’t promote electronics or computers on the same website where you promote Whey proteins and / or workout equipment. It doesn’t make sense.

So, you are going to create 1 website where you describe about home & gardening, about particular tools and products you use and would like to recommend to your readers.

If you also love camping and hiking, you will build separate website where you can describe and write ‘reviews’ about camping equipment and gear like tents, tent stakes, sleeping bags, or food and cooking tools you always take with you. You can also write about clothes, or hiking backpacks, you name it.

On top of that you also go to the gym regularly. Excellent. You will build another website where you discuss about various training programs and exercises, and of course, you will promote fitness equipment and products you are familiar with and direct your readers to affiliate program which has that particular products.

Within Wealthy Affiliate you can build up to 50 (fifty!) websites.

As a free member you can have 2 free websites. As a premium member you will also have access to 3000+ website themes. As a free member you have access to 12 themes.

Wealthy Affiliate has 50 great lessons about choosing a niche and building successful niche website

what is a niche website

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to capitalize on any idea, hobby or passion, no matter what it is!

The idea of a niche can be little confusing or scary at first.

As soon as you start with Enterpreneurship certification course (choosing your niche and building a niche website) there will be a welcome video lesson created by Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate co-founder).

Inside a video he will walk you through what a niche is, how to choose initial direction online, and how to earn money with your niche!

what is a niche website

So, what is your niche?

After reading this page, I hope you have developed a better understanding about how to find a niche that you are passionate about. Please read my Is Wealthy Affiliate university a scam review, and become a WA free member. If you don’t like it, feel free to walk away.

The most important thing is to learn from other people who are successful. Also, never promote a product or niche you have no idea about. 

Final and the most important question: Do you need to own the product to promote it?

The answer is NO. However, it is highly recommended that you have at least used the product in the past or know someone else who owns that product.

Always do research, see what the product is about and what are it’s advantages and disadvantages. 

I hope this article helped you and gave you an idea about niche, niche websites, how to write ‘reviews’, keyword research and the most important thing, targeted audience.

If you have any questions, ask. I will be more than happy to reply.


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