What is Crowdflower? Earn some extra cash without any investment

What is Crowdflower?Crowdflower is one of the few proven ways for earning money on the Internet without having to invest anything.

It is necessary to have:
-Basic knowledge of English
-Stable Internet connection
-PayPal, Payza or Neteller account for receiving money
-Some free time and desire to earn money

Learn what is Crowdflower and how to earn some extra cash online with Crowdflower

Crowdflower is an internet platform of the eponymous company from San Francisco, and thousands of people worldwide perform administrative tasks for them.

What is crowdflower

Crowdflower jobs can be accomplished by transcribing, translating, describing, and analyzing the content of a webpage, document or post. You can even have tasks where you need to draw shapes with your mouse.

The payment for tasks and surveys varies from $0.01-1.00. Payments are even higher for geotargeted countries like USA, Canada and UK. Crowdflower gives its tasks through many reward sites.

The best reward site is Clixsense and i highly recommend that you work with Crowdflower through Clixsense. You will earn bonuses from Clixsense for every $50 you earn from Crowdflower. Read my Clixsense review here.

==> Join Crowdflower free here <==

You can also register through an open task if you are Clixsense member. If you join Clixsense, you can find Crowdflower tasks here.


Crowdflower Elite

If you don’t want to join Crowdflower through reward sites, you can join CF own tasking site: Crowdflower Elite.

Please note that your CrowdFlower and CrowdFlower Elite account are handled as two entirely separate accounts.

Crowdflower recommends that you use the same e-mail address for both to avoid any potential confusion down the line.

Crowdflower Elite offers payments only via PayPal at this moment and you must have valid Paypal account to become a Crowdflower Elite member. You can easily open your PayPal account with DEBIT or CREDIT card. More info here.

When it comes to CF ELITE, tasks are paid somewhat higher here because Crowdflower doesn’t cut payments like reward sites as they have already earned from the job posters.

==> Create your free Crowdflower Elite account here <==

How to start?

After registration, check often Clixsense or Crowdflower site to see if there are initial jobs that you can do in the beginning while you are still at level 0. You can see some example for beginner jobs here. As you can see, there are no level requirements for this jobs.

what is crowdflower

Crowdflower for beginners

In the beginning, you do not have all jobs available and you must pass the test phase to get level 1 (and levels 2 and 3) and access to all potential jobs.

It can be frustrating sometimes because there is not too many tasks available for level 0 but nearly all Clixsense members have gone through this, including me (unless they are from US, UK or Canada).

I needed more than one month to move from level 0. People who live in US, UK, and Canada will reach level 1 much faster.

To reach level 1 you need to complete 100 test questions, and you must have an accuracy of over 70%.

However, i have reached level 3 immediately because i have completed 100 test questions with accuracy of 95%. Good thing about this job is that you will reach level 3 immediately if you have completed 100 test questions with accuracy of over 85%, and you will have ALL jobs available.

The most important thing here is PATIENCE. When you are beginner you will start from level 0 and you will have some tasks for level 0. In the beginning you do not look at earnings, because they are very small. Your goal is to successfully complete the test phase and reach level 1.

what is crowdflower

How long does it take to reach levels 1-3?

Someone will get to the level 1 in a 2-3 days, someone in a week, someone in 2 or 3 weeks and someone in a month or more. It depends on how often Crowdflower will offer tasks and how often you will check each site and be active. But when you reach at least level 1, this is where fun begins.

This is where earning potential skyrockets and you can earn well over $100 in a month, depending on how much time you will have to do the jobs, just from Crowdflower alone.

And you will reach levels 2 and 3 much faster because there will be a lot of tasks to complete. But when you are still at level 0, you must have patience to move to the levels 1-3.

TEST PHASE consists of the initial work on jobs that do not require any level.

For these jobs you should accomplish these goals to get Level 1:
• 5-10 performed jobs
• 100 correctly answered test questions
• accuracy above 70%

what is crowdflower

Tips for completing Crowdflower jobs

1st Phase – Crowdflower task quiz mode

what is crowdflower

What is Crowdflower job? A job contains specific ID and many tasks. First, you need to complete the QUIZ (TEST) MODE. Quiz mode is used to test whether or not you qualify for the job. Test Questions track the quality of work submitted by contributors.

NOTE: You will NOT earn money in Quiz mode. When you enter WORK MODE you will start to receive comissions, because this is a test mode.

You need to pass certain number of test questions before you can continue with the job. You only need to do 1 quiz mode per job ID.

Some tasks are exactly the same but have different job ID so you’ll be doing the quiz mode first EVERY TIME for the new job ID.

Every task requires some percentage to complete it. For example, one task may have 10 questions and you must have 80% accuracy (you must answer at least 8 questions correctly) to pass the task.

For example, take a look at the following Job: HELP US VALIDATE AUTHORS AND ARTICLES.

This is usually the first and most basic task which you will find after joining Crowdflower, when you are level ‘0’. It looks something like this:

what is crowdflower

Read instructions first. As you can see when you click on the black INSTRUCTIONS button, explanation of the task will be very detailed. Read instructions carefully.

what is crowdflower

STEP #1 – Click on the provided link. You have to click on the link which will open in a new tab.

what is crowdflower

Next thing you need to do is to confirm whether it’s an article or not. Definition of an Article: it is a written piece about a particular subject that has a human author which informs the reader on specifics about the subject.

Author’s name is provided in almost every article. Screenshot below will show you something that IS article.

As you can see, the author of this article is CAROL EUSTICE and the topic is about specific subject and in this case it is LUPUS. So this is definitely an article.

what is crowdflower

STEP #2 (YOUR JOB): In case it’s an article, select ‘YES’. You will than be asked if the certain person is the author of the article. 

If the given name matches the article’s author, select YES, otherwise select NO. Sometimes, if the given name matches the article’s author, you will have to provide the name of the author manually.

You can simply copy/paste author’s name in the box below. If it isn’t an article, simply select “NO”.

what is crowdflower

What is not an article? According to the rules this is not an article:

• FAQ of any website is not an article

• “Landing pages” which link to other pages that may be articles

• Forum or discussion board posts are not an article

• “Article preview” that has a section of an article that is followed by a link to the full article

• A web page that is only an video without an accompanying article

• “Broken (dead) links” –  if the page does not load it should be marked as not being an article

• If the link brings you to a social page such as Facebook Twitter or Myspace it is not an article.

• “Login page” is not an article

• A web page that is only an image without an accompanying article is not an article

• “Event Itinerary” web page that lists an event scheduled without an accompanying description or overview is not an article

• “Category page” that has multiple links to articles is not an article (picture example below)

what is crowdflower

If the provided link is not an article, simply select “NO”. This task is relatively easy, and you will need only few minutes to complete it.

NOTE: When you complete job or tasks, you can get marked wrong for some questions. If you get marked wrong for a certain question, you’ll be brought to a correction page and Crowdflower will show you where you made the mistake.

They will also show you the correct answer for the question and reason for it. If you are not satisfied with the reason, you can choose to upvote other contributors reasons for the same issue, or you can write your own opinion on that page where you can state the reason why you think the answer given by the task author is wrong.

If nothing had been done to fix your accuracy, you need to write a ticket to CF about the problem, and be sure to create a printscreen or a photo of a correction, so Crowdflower can take action about your problem.

what is crowdflower

2nd phase –  Crowflower work mode

This picture is example of WORK MODE job. Congratulations, you can now start earning money.

what is crowdflower

Procedure for Work mode is the same as the Quiz mode. Try to complete the task with the highest accuracy possible. Every task is explained in the beginning, just click on it, and read carefully what you need to do.

Earning potential for levels 1-3

Example: 1st task FAST AND EASY-2 CLICKS, 20 SECONDS JOB- reward for 1 completed task is $0.07. In this job you have 1567 tasks. 0.07×1567=109.69. So that means you can earn almost $110 from this task alone if you are willing to take some time and do the work.

There are also jobs that reward $0.25 or more for one task. And you can have hundreds of tasks in these jobs. You do the math. If you are patient enough to reach level 1, your earning potential grows drastically.

Special note: Expelled Mode

Tasks are relatively easy to understand, and it usually takes few minutes or more to complete 1 task, but do not rush through the tasks. You have at least 30 minutes or more to complete task.

However, take your time and think twice before you hit SUBMIT button, because if your accuracy is too low, you will no longer be able to complete task you have selected and you will go into EXPELLED mode.

Basically, that means you will be kicked out from task permanently because you have too many errors. Expelled mode looks like this:

what is crowdflower

Bonus Tips and Tricks that will make your life easier with Crowdflower

#1 – Install the Autorefresh Add-On (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Install the autorefresh add-on for Google Chrome. This browser increases your chance of getting the available task. You will often receive notifications like “You’ve done the maximum amount on this job”, or “You’ve completed this job”, “There’s no task available right now” etc.

Don’t stop refreshing even if the notice continues to appear, just continue using the autorefresh tool until a new task becomes available. Set your tool to refresh every 3 seconds. If your tab page shows “Working on task”, then you got a new task and you can continue with your work.

what is crowdflower

This tool makes it easier for you because you don’t have to press F5 non-stop to refresh webpage. It is an easy extension to auto-reload and autorefresh pages with ease. You can download & install Autorefresh add-on quickly and easily.

==> Download and install autorefresh Add-On Here <==

#2 – Job history

Your Job History displays a history of all the jobs you have worked on. It includes a record of your Job IDs, the number of tasks you completed, the accuracy you achieved, and the notifications (if any) you received related to a job. You can find your Job History in the upper menu bar within your Contributor Dashboard and via https://tasks.crowdflower.com/jobs/history

what is crowdflower

#3 – Jobs that are marked as potentially broken or otherwise problematic

When the support team marks a job as potentially broken, that job does not affect your Level statistics.

For example, when a Task Author creates his first job, an experimental job, or accidentally misconfigures something in their job, the support team will often mark that job as potentially broken so that job will not alter your Level statistics. (To clarify, even if a job is marked as potentially broken, you still get paid for working on that job.)

In addition, thus far all jobs that have been marked as potentially broken have not been included in your Job History because they did not affect your Level statistics.

Your Job History will display a full history of the jobs you have worked on, including jobs that the support team has marked as potentially broken.

You will still be paid for these potentially broken jobs, but they will not alter your Level statistics. You will notice a new “Not Included in Level Stats” symbol in your Job History, to make this explicitly clear.

#4 – Bookmark your tasks

Save all your qualified task IDs and keep them so you can work with them whenever you got the time using a bookmark toolbar.

#5 – Use the task ID you got on the Forum

Some tasks may not appear on your list of potential jobs, but are available to other workers. Visit forums and receive tasks ID that other workers posted on the forum. Maybe it will be available in your area too. Just change the numbers after the last slash / of the Crowdflower URL. Example:

https://tasks.crowdflower.com/channels/clixsense/tasks/753456 <== (Change task ID)

#6 – Complete the tasks within the time limit

Please note that you need to finish the task before the time expires, otherwise you won’t be credited (you will not receive money) for your work.

what is crowdflower

#7 – You can complete 1 Job only from one account

You can earn money from Crowdflower on many CF partner sites like Clixsense (highly recommended), Neobux, Twickerz etc. (including CF own tasking site CROWDFLOWER ELITE) but you can access and complete task only from one account, not all of them.

For example, Job ID 750334 *Help us validate authors and articles* will be shown in Clixsense, Neobux, and Crowdflower Elite but you can complete tasks from this Job only with one account. Screenshot below:
what is crowdflower

If you see notification like this, that means that you have already completed 1 or more tasks from this Job on other account. If you complete Crowdflower tasks from 1 specific ID (for example 740123) with your Clixsense account than you can work on tasks from this ID only on Clixsense and nowhere else. Remember, 1 Job ID = 1 account.

What are Crowdflower drawbacks?

· When you are beginner (level 0), you are not fully paid for the tasks that you complete

For example, if you complete 20 jobs that are worth $0.01 (or $0.20 in total), you will earn $0.10 instead of $0.20, which means that you will receive comissions for every subsequent task that you complete.

I have no idea why. At least that was the case when i was first starting out with Crowdflower in the beginning of 2015.

I am level 3 now, so maybe things are different now. Perhaps this is not the case with Crowdflower geotargeted (Tier 1) countries. If anyone knows an explanation for this please write it in the comments

According to some sources “you need to prove that you are willing to work first”. This is definitely one of the dumbest things when it comes to Crowdflower.

· They are cheating on Jobs/Tasks that are worth $0.82

You will see some tasks that are worth $0.82 (or in my case $0.01!!). I can’t remember what were the tasks about. I’ve completed the different tasks that were worth $0.82 three or four times, but i was credited $0.01 every time. So i gave up, and moved on to tasks that pay less money.

This is a very rude way to deceive their members. If you have any experience with this, please post a comment below. If you ever experience something like this, just ignore it and move on to tasks that pay less money.

At least you can be sure that you will receive full commisions when you complete tasks that are worth $0.10 or $0.17.

· Sometimes, the tasks are under-paid for the amount of work they require

Some tasks will take 45-60 minutes of your time, and as a result you will receive only from $0.02-0.05 for that. Too small $0.02-5 commision is simply not enough for 45 or more minutes of your work, and it seems like a waste of time. Period. Move on to tasks that pay much more money for less work.

· An obsolete design

I think Crowdflower (especially CF Elite) needs to improve their design. Weak design can be repulsive, and it may look like a scam to some people.

Crowdflower support

If you have questions or issues about a specific task please click on Help –> File a Ticket at the top of the task in question. Be very specific with your questions and and provide as many details as possible.

what is crowdflowerHelp center is also available, and you can find answers if you have specific questions, hence just click on Visit Help center. As a result you can find some very good information about Crowdflower tasks on Clixsense forum.

Final opinion

In conclusion, Crowdflower is far from perfect, and it has its drawbacks, but it can be good opportunity to earn some solid money on the Internet. Simply ignore the cons i have listed above and be patient when you are still beginner (Level 0).

When you reach at least Level 1, you will have much more tasks to complete every day. I highly recommend that you complete CF tasks through Clixsense, and if you don’t want to join Clixsense, you can work with Crowdflower Elite. It is completely free to create both accounts.

==> Create your FREE Clixsense Account here <==

==> Create your FREE Crowdflower account here <==

As always, if you have questions or comments, post them below. Hope to hear from you.