SFI Affiliate Center Review

Learn what is SFI Marketing group. SFI Marketing Group is the creation of Gery Carson, who in 1980 made pioneering through Direct Mail model for network marketing. The number of registered members in this program is over 6 million so far. Gery is also the author of “The greatest entrepreneurs in the home business revolution”, as the editor of “Six figure income”. Read my SFI Affiliate center review!

what is SFI Marketing group

Name: SFI Marketing group

Website: www.sfimg.com

Price: Free to join, no memberships

Online: since 1998

Type of business: Affiliate Marketing with MLM opportunity (team building)

Owner: Gery Carson

My ratings: SFI Affiliate
center – 6.5/10, Tripleclicks store – 8.3/10 (read my review here)

Who it’s for: Intermediate Affiliate Marketers/Experts

Legit: Yes

What is SFI Marketing group?

At first, SFI Marketing group (which has its own superstore Tripleclicks) is a regular affiliate program like Amazon, Ebay, or Clickbank. But SFI is much more than a regular affiliate program. SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group was launched in 1998.

Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI created Tripleclicks online store that has now grown to nearly 100 000 products and services (and growing daily) and sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. what is sfi marketing group

Gery Carson is the founder of SFI Marketing group. He is also the author of “The greatest entrepreneurs in the home business revolution”, as the editor of “Six figure income”.

My online journey started with this program in 2014. Many people do not understand how to work with this program and as a result they give up. They are missing chance to earn great online income.

Short Intro to SFI Affiliate center & Tripleclicks Online store

SFI Marketing group comes in the form of two websites.

  1. First one is Affiliate center which is your virtual office 

  2. Tripleclicks online store which is home to the nearly 100 000 products (learn more about Tripleclicks here)

The Affiliate center provides you with everything you need to run your new SFI business such as affiliate websites and access to various reports.

Every SFI affiliate receives access to his own personal affiliate center with all necessary information including the marketing tools embedded with their own personal SFI ID in the form of a number.

what is SFI Marketing group

Tripleclicks is big online store powered by SFI Marketing group, and Tripleclicks offers many things to build excellent residual income. Among nearly 100 000 products, Tripleclicks also features:

  • 24-hour penny auctions that feature savings of up to 99% off retail (with a guaranteed minimum savings of 77% on every auction)!

  • Fun and engaging games to attract the more than 100 million people who play games online daily!

  • 25 free daily drawings for customers (T-Time and The Daily Crown), that allows shoppers to win thousands of dollars in prizes every week!

  • A customer referral program that gets your customers bringing in more customers (all of who can earn you lifetime commissions)!

NOTE: When you join SFI Marketing group, you will become Tripleclicks member automatically.

what is SFI Marketing group

Who it is for?

SFI Marketing group is not suited for beginners. If you are newbie it will be hard to earn money with SFI. For an Affiliate program, they have a lot of marketing tips and strategies, which is very good, but SFI is not training academy like Wealthy Affiliate.

They do not teach you how you can get your website ranked on first page in Google, and other important elements for online success like keyword research or how to build a website which are extremely important.

Start with Wealthy Affiliate university first

If you already have some experience online and you think that you can work with SFI, than by all means go for it, but in my opinion, to succeed with SFI (or with Affiliate marketing in general) you need to have at least intermediate knowledge about Affiliate Marketing.

If you are a newbie, please read my #1 recommended program review, and start working with Wealthy Affiliate first to have better understanding about this business model. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to build your online business from the scratch with any Affiliate program that you choose to work with (including SFI).

When you learn how Affiliate Marketing works, you can work with any Affiliate program in the world if you want and earn lucrative commissions from it.

SFI Affiliate center

Affiliate center is your virtual office where you can set up your profile, add photos for your account, create your leadership page, so people who join SFI Marketing group through your link / gateway can see something about you.

> Learn here how to set up your SFI profile and Leadership page <

Also, SFI Affiliate center provides information about SFI Compensation plan, your commissions, Marketing aids and methods, detailed informations about Tripleclicks sales you’ve made, information about Versa Points and information about SFI Marketing group contests and games.

what is SFI Marketing group


The LaunchPad Index features 11 “core lessons” (chapters) by default.  All but two have “sub-lessons” which may be accessed by opening the “related lessons” panel beside the core lesson.

There are 50 sub-lessons total. As instructed, ideally, new affiliates should read all the core lessons first, then explore the related lessons.

what is sfi marketing group

LaunchPad is THE place for getting educated on the basics of SFI and TripleClicks. It’s for new affiliates and it’s for experienced affiliates for whenever they need a refresher on any key component of the SFI programIt is located right here:

what is sfi marketing group

SFI Community and support

They have very good community and support. I recommend FORUM as your primary option for support. First of all, you will receive answers for your questions very fast. Usually within 30 minutes or less.

Next important thing you need to know is that SFI founder and president Gery Carson (along with corporate stuff) is active every day on forum and he is answering questions too.

Let’s see what SFI community has to offer.


What is it? SFI’s a2a program (short for “Affiliate To Affiliate”) allows you to network with up to 10 of your peers in SFI. Using a2a’s friend finder, you can identify 10 SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or even city. You can also search by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more. Here is short list what you can do with your a2a registration…

  • You can create “buddy lists”

  • Find a mentor

  • Brainstorm and share tips and ideas

  • Discuss SFI news

  • Share successful marketing strategies for your region of the world

  • Form local SFI support groups and organize local get-togethers

To get started, you have to register as an a2a member. Once you’re registered, you can immediately start browsing the a2a roster, exchanging messages, and more.

what is sfi marketing group

SFI Forum (Mostly recommended)

The SFI Forum is the most popular and powerful resource available to you as an SFI affiliate. Accessible to all SFI affiliates worldwide, the SFI Forum can best be described as a virtual classroom with thousands of teachers and students.

SFI corporate staff also personally stop by the forum regularly to add SFI perspectives and clarifications to the discussions.

Another reason why I recommend forum is because when you post a question, you will receive an answer ULTRA-FAST (usually within 5-15 minutes, sometimes even faster). SFI affiliates are very active on forum.

what is sfi marketing group

MUST READ– Top answers are marked as “MUST READ” posts so that you can easily find and read the posts that can rocket you to success.  There’s also an “Inspiration/Testimonials” sub-forum, exclusively for sharing inspiring messages and testimonials.

GREAT QUESTION– Submitted questions will instantly be queued up at the Forum for approval by SFI Forum Moderators. If they deem your question as “great,” it will be prominently displayed at the Forum in our new “Great Question!” section (questions not deemed as “great” will simply appear as regular Forum threads).

HOT– Very important tips and topics about boosting your SFI business

ASK GERY– SFI president Gery Carson is active on forum every day, and there is a special section called ASK GERY, where you can send message directly to him Use the international sub-forums to connect and brainstorm in your native language with fellow affiliates in your country or region.

what is sfi marketing group

ASK SC (SFI Community)

ASK SC taps into the wealth of experience and insight of SFI’s more than one million affiliates worldwide. This archive includes 50,000+ answers to 800+ business-boosting questions about nearly ALL aspects of the SFI program! Located under the TRAINING menu, Ask SC lets you search through its entire database of knowledge, insights, and ideas any time you want.

You can contact your sponsor and your upline support team

As an SFI affiliate, you can become part of a TEAM with mutual goals and objectives. You need to contact your sponsor first, but you can contact your co-sponsor and your upline up to 12 levels.

IMPORTANT: Enter the e-mail addresses of your SFI sponsor, co-sponsor, and team leaders into your e-mail account’s whitelist so you’ll be sure to receive important messages from your upline!

Special tip: What are Versa Points?

what is sfi marketing group

Versa Points are awarded to SFI Marketing group affiliates for a variety of actions. Doing these actions will show you how SFI works and help you get trained. Plus, as the points you earn for doing these actions accumulate, you increase your payouts and perks! Your Power Ranking is also based on the VersaPoints you accumulate.

The more points affiliates earn each month, the higher their SFI commissions can go. NOTE: you will also generate Versa Points by generating sales at Tripleclicks. Also, when you buy something at Tripleclicks, you also earn Versa Points.

 ==> Learn more about Versa Points here <==

Is SFI an Affiliate program or MLM?

Although SFI has some MLM elements in form of team building (which is optional and totally up to you) it is much more an Affiliate program than MLM.

Many people (including me) don’t like the concept of MLM, but they have a good reason for it. There are many MLM’s on the Internet, in fact, probably 100’s of them. Big percentage of MLM’s have a price to join. Most MLM’s will ask you to buy products to even start working with them.

SFI is much different from other classical MLM schemes. I don’t recommend MLM business model to anyone! Read my post Multi Level Marketing VS Pyramid Scheme to learn why!

What separates SFI from the pack?

While SFI has some MLM elements, it is far, far away from classic MLM schemes. Let’s see what separates SFI from the pack. First of all, SFI is born in 1998, SFI is online for nearly 19 years, which is outstanding for an Internet program

  1. SFI is completely free to join, without purchase or obligation of any kind. You can stay free member forever if you want.

  2. SFI is not ‘Get-rich-quick’ scheme and they do not make false promises of fast wealth. Second of all, you will receive personal support, mentorship and assistance immediately upon joining (in this case, from me personally)

  3. You will also receive Free personalized website with free maintenance which you can use to promote your business. You can compare SFI to other business opportunities HERE.

  4. Free training

  5. No forced purchases, EVER

  6. No forced pyramid structure.

  7. SFI team is constantly improving its program, with new features and upgrades added nearly every day.

Unlike other MLM companies that have forced pyramid structure, SFI leaves this option totally up to you. All depends on your skills, personality, etc. Some people are best to build downlines, some are best to build customer lists.

Watch short, 7 minute SFI Affiliate Center and Tripleclicks video presentation

In this video SFI president and founder Gery Carson explains about SFI affiliate center, to-do list, versa points and gives you little introduction about Tripleclicks online store. Enjoy!

My final opinion

what is sfi marketing group

SFI Marketing group is one of the oldest and most successful programs on the Internet, with many options and possibilities to earn money. The most important thing, they are paying on time since 1998, and they have never scammed anyone.

SFI is very successful because they offer possibility to earn much more money than you have to spend. Another great thing is that SFI is global community and people from all over the world are available to join, SFI is available in EVERY country in the world.

SFI is also one of the largest home-made businesses in the world. However, SFI far from perfect, and it is not suited for beginners.

If you are new to Internet Business, I highly recommend that you read my WEALTHY AFFILIATE (my #1 recommended program) review and start working with them FIRST, because they will show you how to build Internet business from the scratch.

If you decide to start your online business journey with SFI you need to know few key things:

  1. You are here to earn money, right? In that case you need to understand SFI Compensation plan and what is CV (Commission volume).

  2. Second (and most important thing), you need to know what are Versa Points and why are they important for building your SFI business.

  3. As you already know, there are 2 basic ways of earning money with SFI. (Sell Tripleclicks products and/or Team Building). After you learn about SFI Compensation Plan and Versa Points you will decide which method suits best for building your online business with SFI.

I recommend to start with promoting Tripleclicks products. If you’ve read my WEALTHY AFFILIATE review you will understand that choosing your passion and NICHE is much better and faster option of earning money than trying to recruit people in your downline.

==>Read more info about Tripleclicks online store here <==

A lot of people who become SFI affiliates give up very quickly, and many people who opted-out from SFI are complaining that they had many people in their downlines but very little earnings.

I believe reason for this is because people are taught the wrong way how to work with SFI and Tripleclicks. People can earn bigger commissions (and more Versa Points) with Tripleclicks, and as a result, you will build a team automatically, with bigger percentage of active affiliates in your team.

Did you have experience with this interesting program? Post a comment below, share your thoughts. Hope to hear from you.


SFI Marketing group Affiliate Center

SFI Marketing group Affiliate Center


5.0 /10


7.5 /10

Overall Quality

7.0 /10


  • It is completely free to join. No credit card required. You can stay Affiliate for the rest of your life
  • SFI is not “Get-rich-quick” scheme. They do not make false promises of overnight wealth
  • Opportunity to earn income without investing your own money.
  • Lots of ways to earn money and good Compensation plan (especially Direct Commission program)
  • Earn as you learn at your own pace
  • Very good community and support (Especially FORUM)
  • Launchpad Training
  • Ton of promotional materials (Online and offline)
  • Many interesting contests and opportunities to win prizes


  • Information overload
  • Concept and meaning of collecting Versa Points is confusing to many people
  • They claim that you can succeed with their program even if you have no experience, but that is not true
  • Their marketing tips for beginners are outdated, and they are not good
  • Slow earnings if you decide to build a team, unless you have many active referrals